is it too early to start

  1. wearing black/chocolate brown/deep rust colored bags yet? i mean, i've WAITED until september first...what do you guys think!?!
  2. I've never heard of a No-Dark-Bag-Before-Labor-Day rule. Then again, I live on the east coast, where black is a year round staple. I say carry whatever you want! :yes:
  3. I am a BIG fan of chocolate brown! I could not wait! I wore all chocolate tonight to a cocktail party. Chocolate brown LT sandals (high heel) and chocolate brown Tods bag.

    I will wait a bit before I break out my chocolate brown SUEDE Lambertson Truex. Maybe October, I love that bag!
  4. I love all those colors year round!
  5. Yeah I carry all of those colors year round too but Im also on the East Coast.

  6. I agree - I use my black bag all year. Must be an east coast thing?
  7. Hehe this is cute. You can definitely start wearing it!!
  8. Carry them if you want to, I've been carrying black and dark colored bags all during summer!
  9. hihi i know what you mean i always feel in summer i ought to use more light colours. personally i have been waiting for 1st seotember to start using black tights again :smile: it's definitely autumn now
  10. I've waited also but maybe it's because I've spent a lot of time at the beach this summer and I've enjoyed carrying all my beach colored bags. When I get home though I'm getting a few darker bags out. I can't wait.
  11. Me, too! :smile:
  12. Oooohh chocolate brown and rust! Lovely colors! I wouldn't go dark head-to-toe yet, but if you are going to carry just the bag I don't see a problem with it.
  13. I love chocolate brown and I wear it all year long, so to me, it's never too early :smile:
  14. i sort of agree with you ...i haven't worn my chocolate or black all summmer just the lighter browns/tans whites and white/black prints..
    think i will wait til ACTUAL summer ends sept 21 to bring out the real FALL type colors etc...anyway will be in carib til sept 21 so will have lights there too and totes...
    see you late sept with tons of black and brown patent wow can't wait
    my new elliott lucca i CAN'T WAIT TO WEAR...wearing THIS ONE the DAY i get back to work from vacation! oct 1!! can't wait
  15. I've been wearing my black and chocolate brown bags all summer, so yes, bring them out, I can't wait to start wearing the fall clothes again.