Is it too early to do a pregnancy 5 days before your schedule period?

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  1. My husband and I were TTC for the first time since last month. The first day of my last period was on Oct.26. I think I have a 30 day cycle. I took the test yesterday Nov 20th. I bought first response pregnacy test because it stated that it can determine 5 days before your missed period (67% accurate stated on the back label). Sadly, I got a negative response :sad:. Am I testing too early? I really can't wait.
  2. It could be too early. I had three negative tests that were wrong before I found out I was pregnant. My cycles were irregular, so I wasn't totally sure when I would have had my period, but in retrospect, one of the tests was somewhere around 10 days post conception (so 4-5 days before my period) and was negative. I waited about a week after that, and when I was pushing a 46-day cycle (I knew they weren't that long), finally tested positive.
  3. mine were always between 28-33 days, very irregular:sad:
    I'd wait for 30 days to be sure.
  4. Too early. Those things are expensive, so wait until a day or 2 late.
  5. I can tell you from experience, those test sometimes dont even give a positive on day 30 - I got a negative on day 30, and then spotted quite a bit on that day, so figured I wasnt pregnant. Fast forward 1 month later to a missed period and a postive pregnancy test, went to see my dr, had an ultrasound where I found out I was already 1 month along! The "period" I had the month before was not a period at all, and the test didnt even pick up the pregnanct hormones on day 30 that month...
  6. Thanks! I guess I just have to wait and see.
  7. I would wait
  8. Any news? I've had my fingers crossed for you.

    ** tossing out some baby dust for everyone here **
  9. I would wait a few more days. If you have 30 day cycles then probably ovulate somewhere between cycle days 14-20. Even if you ovulated later than cycle day 20, that would put you at least 11 days past ovulation, which is usually when can expect to get a positive on a HPT, but some women get them even later at like 14-16 past when then ovulated.
    I would suspect you are not pregnant, but you never no.

    PS: I am TTC #2 and chart my cycles.
  10. So what happened, are you pregs?
  11. Unfortunately not.. I'm trying again. Last month, I was really sick though and was trying to conceive at the same time. I was taking antibiotics for my strep throat and had fever on and off for 2 weeks. I think this explain why I'm delayed. I got may period on Nov. 26th. Which I think is 31 to 32 days cycle right? I'm charting my basal temperature but I'm getting weird results.. Oh well. I'm hoping for this month but I'm in a lot of stress because at work. If not this month, maybe next month since I won't be as stressful. We will be going on vacation in the middle of January.

    This month is my 2nd time around TTC. *sigh*
  12. Stress causes ovulations/period to come later plus it raises temps:yes: Good luck on your next cycle! Vacations are very good for TTC´ing!
  13. Thanks Nola for the kind words. I'm actually not trippin right now. It would be better if I don't get pregnant this month anyway. I'm going to cancun and I want to be able to enjoy myself. That includes drinking *wink*.
  14. Excellent! Let your hair down:tup: