Is it too big on me?

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  1. Please share your opinions.

    This is the Maxi Ash scrucio veneta bag that I pre-ordered from Saks and received it in mid-December [three months earlier than I was told] while I was away. I planned to return it before I saw it in person. Now I fall in love w/ this color. I pretty much want to keep it but I still like to know if it looks ridiculously big on me ?? thanks. I stuffed it w/ usual stuff.

    I have a black medium veneta, too. However, different sizes give you different 'feel'.
    By the way, I have BV sunglasses on me.

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  2. surprisingly, i think you carry it off well despite how slender you are! on me the maxi looks like i should be in the fields bailing hay... of course, on me the large looks too big. weird how that works. as i said, i think this looks great.... and will look ever more gorgeous when it slouches and has more stuff in it

  3. Hmmm, I don't think so but I like big bags and am used to seeing small people with big bags and it looks great. It's mostly if you love it and are comfortable with it and most of all will you use it?!?!
  4. I think the bag looks gorgeous on it, love it..keep it.. it makes a statement
  5. The bag is lovely! I don't think it looks oversized on you... YUM YUM... Lemming for something in Ash Scuro!
  6. It looks amazing on you. It really works with your frame.
  7. Have to say that I think it looks beautiful on you.
  8. It's definitely a larger bag, but like everyone else said, you wear it very well.

    It makes me want one too.

    Congrats, very chic!
  9. Wow, it is big but like everyone says, you can carry it off very well! You go, gal! :tup:
  10. It works on you! I tried the Maxi Pleated, but it was huge, I'm 5'4", this one without the pleats looks much better on your small frame. That color is divine!
    Enjoy and thanks for sharing!
  11. It looks great .. big and great. I also think it will smoosh down.. What a gorgeous color!
  12. I love it on you! Adore the color as well and the sunglasses!!! You look amazing! Keep it!
  13. you look great with it! lovely colour. looks very wearable.

    but ..... if YOU are uncomfortable with it, you might trade it in. at least you know that this colour works fabulously on you!
  14. Look great on you! I have the maxi veneta too and I am only 5'2". I love it!
  15. you look gorgeous with this bag - it makes a contrast, shows your great figure! I think it would not be so nice on someone your height but not so thin. On you, it looks really stylish. But only keep it if you feel comfortable wearing it!