Is it too behind to buy a Gaucho now?

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  1. Reading the Gaucho thread and thinking that I have been eyeing on a medium for a while and wished to find a good deal. But I'm wondering if this is a classic or a more trendy bag. Is it too behind to own a Gaucho for now?
  2. Hello lindtwhite,

    I think the Dior Gaucho bag is a classic! I own quite a few and absolutely love them all. I have seen celebs carry them as an everday bag and on the red carpet! Good luck and best wishes!:heart:
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
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  10. I just bought a detective bag and you're asking if a Gaucho is too behind?? :lol: It all depends on how much you love that bag; if you like it, go for it! I personally like going after the bags after the craze, because I feel special wearing them and I can get them for super cheap too!
  11. beautifulbasics, you are KILLING me with all of the gorgeous pictures you posted!! I have a mini black gaucho and all i want is MORE!!! :graucho:
  12. If you love it - get it. Personally, if it's still selling in stores - it's not over. I think it's made its mark - and will be a classic for some time.
  13. no of course, is not too late! and you know what? I was lookin for a gaucho too :drool: btw, i think is kinda mark, it will live for ever! i personally love the brown one... so cute! :heart::love:
  14. I think you should definitely get it...I started to collect Dior bags recently. I like the newer design bags, however the ones that I love the most are all from a couple of years ago..So,in my opinion the Gaucho bag is still a HOT item. If you love it then that's what matters the most...
  15. I have the green denim medium Gaucho and the blue double saddle Gaucho and I love, love, love them! I don't think I'll ever grow tired of them. My advice: If you love it, get it:tup:!