is it time to start thinking about bathing suits??

  1. ok so maybe i am jumping the gun a little bit but stores are starting to put out their bathing suits and such and maybe if we start talking about it now, it will give me a little more motivation to do my crunches!!! :push: (and anyone else who needs a little nudge)

    soooo... what are you wearing to the beach this summer? pics! pics! i will post mine soon. :p

    (i am pretty sure this thread is in the right spot, if not please move thanks!)
  2. I got 3 great bathing suits last year so I'll wear them... maybe I'll get another in the summer sales...
  3. I'm wearing what I wear every year-- a cute one piece with a Juicy-type cover-up...
  4. I think it's definetly time to talk bathing suits! I just bought a Dior bathing suit and a few other bathing suits bc i totally loved them! i like to get atleast 5 new bathing suits each year so i'm still on the lookout for one more! here are pics of the one's i've already ordered:
  5. That black one is so cute. I always see them advertised, but never see anyone wearing them which is a shame. You will really stand out this season (in a good way of course) :smile:
  6. Francesca, they are all very pretty. I like that they are all so different.
  7. I know this is probably weird given that I am still young, but I want to wear only one piece suits ... so I am looking for those.
  8. i loooooove this one!!! i have a dior one too that i got at the outlet for about $115. i was very happy. but i freaking love this one! :drool:

    my boobs are small so i am kind of limited in the style and shapes that i can try. tear.
  9. I love shopping for swim suits! Gives me a chance to show off my rock hard abs. :lol::rolleyes: I would definitely look now because if your waiting for something to go on sale, it might be sold out by that time. Last year I waited for a suit from American Eagle to go on sale but I never had the chance to buy it because it was gone!

    Those are super cute Francesca. I really like the black one!
  10. here is the one i got at the outlet...


    a bee actually tried to land on this flower. :push:


    my most favoritest bathing suit. :love:
  11. OMG @ the bee! :wtf::lol:
    I love that bathing suit though! It's sooooo adorable and you got a GREAT DEAL :girlsigh:
  12. heheee thank you thank you! i love deals! :graucho:
  13. I love that black one! :love: So classy and sexy.
    I have about 11 bikini's, but I don't wear all of them b/c some are just a bit too small. I really want a red and a white bikini this summer! And I'd love to have something like that black one...but without the sequins, I'd be too scared to ruin them.
  14. That one's soooo cute! I'd love to have a Dior bikini.
  15. Its almost spring. A great time to start thinking bathing suits! I totally want to get a new one, something black and classic. I have a number of juicy bathing suits. Besides right now you can still get a lot of bathing suits from last year on clearance, once summer comes everythings full price.