is it time to put my cerise into retirement?

  1. i got the cerise cles almost 2 years ago for my birthday and have used it everyday since, it was my first LV. i love it so much but when i looked at it today when i was out shopping i noticed the cherries are starting to scratch a little!!!!!!!! do you think its time i put my little baby into retirement and get a new cles:shrugs: . i dont want it to get in a really bad state.
  2. umm yep if its starting to damage
  3. Mh... maybe get another one and switch... it's too pretty to hide it.
  4. it so you can remember it and get the groom cles
  5. Yes. I would maybe stop using it for a while.
  6. Yeah if it's getting damaged then I'd get another Cles to use now. Only use the Cerises occasionally.
  7. wow you were all quick to reply.
    i dont want to sell her or never use her again but i think its time to get a new one.
  8. yup, it's definitely a sign, so do you have any in mind now?
  9. i was waiting for an excuse to get something in vernis so nows my chance. :yahoo:
  10. ITA :smile:
  11. i would use it less frequently!
  12. but its that cles
  13. Yes get another one & give it a little rest
  14. yes... i think its time :smile: get a new cute one!!!
  15. i like the azur cles, and of course, the pomme cles. but that one is not as useful.