Is it time to let go?

  1. I was with my ex-boyfriend for 2 years and 15 days (yes, I actually counted :Push:smile:. For each anniversary, he bought me a diamond ring. They're both made of white gold, and the diamonds are tiny -- one is 0.07ct, and the other one has five tiny diamonds on it with a total weight of 0.05ct.

    I honestly believe that because he was the one great love of my life, I took the news of his new girlfriend 2 months ago very hard. Up until the day I found out about her, I had been wearing the rings, even though I already have a new boyfriend who doesn't mind me wearing them. I stopped wearing them that very day.

    Now when I look at the rings, I feel this irrational wave of sadness and outrage, and I can't bear to look at them anymore :cry:. So I've been thinking of selling them, maybe as a way to let him and everything in our relationship go.

    So what do you think, ladies? I love what the rings represented, and because I know my ex and I will never get back together, I feel as if maybe it's really time to let him go, and if I hang on to them the memories will just never go away, and everytime they come back the pain is unbearable.

    So should I sell or keep them?
  2. ^ Aw I'm so sorry Yeux :sad: I went thru something like this before.. and I sold off most of my stuff and threw a bunch away bc at first I just couldn't bear to look at it and be reminded of what could've been. But I ended up keeping a couple of the things he gave me.. like the first bracelet & necklace he gave me. And although I never wear them a lot, it's nice to have them. And plus I figure they'll make for a good story one day whether it's to my grandkids or my cats haha.

    If I were you I'd keep atleast one of the rings.
  3. Yeux, I'm sorry you're feeling bad after your breakup. I totally empathize with your situation.

    I was with a boyfriend for 2 years, and he gave me a ton of jewelry, including a beautiful ring which I wore daily. After a painful breakup, I kept the ring around just like you're keeping your rings around and I too would get awfully sentimental just seeing it. It felt so weird not to have it on my finger. I finally gave it to my mom to lock up with her jewelry. I felt immediately better!

    I wouldn't suggest you sell them. I think you should keep them someplace where you can't easily access them (if possible). Maybe even give them to a friend for safekeeping. After all, even if the relationship didn't work out, it still marked a huge chunk of your life: for better or worse, and it's always nice to have a few little relics of the past.
  4. I am sorry to hear you are going thourgh this, In my opinion I think you should keep the ring, Just as a memory of a man that is/could/be the greatest love of your life. I went thourgh the almost exact same thing about a year ago....MY X was my best friend and my "story" .it didn't end up working out and had a horrible falling out and the day I found out bout him dating I wanted to burn everything including him(j.k) time went by and I had more time to reflect, I'm glad I didn't. Cause now when I look back on all phycal brings back memory of the *good* time.....the bitter memory will come and go as they please but with items such as your ring, in time it will only bring a touch of sweeet memory to you....
  5. I would keep them. They're a sentiment, I think, to your first love and a relationship that did happen and i know the memories are hurtful but they're still memories. I am sure you two had happy memories and from each relationship you learn something new so take it as something to remember the best times.

    Obviously you two have moved on so don't let those rings keep sad memories vivid in your mind. :girlsigh:
  6. Keep them but put them somewhere you wont see them often, after time they will be a nice memory and nothing more.
  7. i agree with everyone. last summer i broke up with a great guy bc i went off to college. we've both moved on, i still have his gifts stashed away at my mom's house.

    and just bc your not together right now doesnt mean you might not get your happy ending in the future. you will one day with the right guy :smile:
  8. I feel for you... I guess most of us have all felt
    the pain of a failed relationship with our great love.:crybaby: .
    when I broke up with my then fiance... I did keep all his gifts for a while...
    but eventually gave away all the jewelries, watches, even bags to my friends and sister...
    threw away all the other stuff...I only saved one picture of us together... kept it with all my other memories of the past.
    ...after alot of therapy...:nuts: It was time to move on.:smile:
    Yeux, you can save something from the past maybe the rings or something else that you dont need to carry around anymore...
    Rebecca is right you will one day be with the right guy,
    but you need to let go of the past, before you could really move on.:flowers:
    before you know it, just as Sparkles said...
    he would just be a fond memory you could tell to your grandkids or your cats!:P
  9. you never what could happen but to me it would be okay to sell them if it would make you feel better. you can also just have your mom keep it somewhere since you wouldn't really make a lot and it could be something to remember him by. You know, when something like this happened to me, i returned it to him... and said thank you...

    do you still have feelings for him? (hope its okay to ask)
  10. i agree with you!:yes: :jammin:
  11. I have been happily married for almost 10 years and I have a shoebox packed away with things from ex boyfriends, jewelry ,pix, etc. I looked thru it when we were packing to move in February and I decided to keep it-now they remind me of how they each contributed to me becoming the fabulous woman and wife I am today! Nothing wrong with keeping the gifts-DO NOT GIVE THEN BACK NO NO NO-but "hide" them away. The day WILL COME when the pain of the breakup is a faint memory.
  12. i agree, i would also keep them. maybe you'll regret it later if you sell them.
  13. I think you should keep it Sandra but store it away so you aren't looking at it. I don't think you should sell because you might regret it afterwards since they're so memorable. At the moment you want to sell it but later down the line, I'm sure you'll be glad you kept it.

    I don't think you answered this in the post but do you still talk to him?
  14. I am going to be the odd ball here and tell you to get rid of them. As soon as I moved in with my husband I destroyed all my past momentos (from other relationships). It felt great to wipe the slate clean and focus on my new relationship. You will have your memories regardless of having the rings. The person I was with right before my husband bought me my highschool grad ring (had it engraved and everything) - I also had worn this ring everyday. At this point I couldnt even tell you where it is. Personally I wouldnt want my husband hanging on to anything from a past relationship and so I wont do that to him either. JMHO.
  15. I wouldn't sell them just put them in your jewelry box or someplace you're not going to see them often & in a few years when you come across them you will remember all the great memories you had w/ that bf that gave you those rings. If you do sell them you might regret it later in life b/c he was your first love but don't do it just b/c your alittle sad & upset right now...that feeling will pass with time.