Is it time for a nosy thread ?

  1. My little collection:
    Number of bags: 2
    Most expensive: OS Alexa in Patent Oak £499.50 (CO outlet with a cheeky extra 10% off :smile:)
    Least expensive: Harriet Satchel in Nightshade Blue £425 (sale)
    Average: £462.25

    Hopefully as my collection grows, the average will go down!
  2. Bumping this thread for newbies!!!
  3. Well I have a lot less bags these days lol- but still got the calf hair camel degrade bays bought new so still my most expensive ever bag..... followed by the rest of the alexas I think....average price still way too high for me but bet its looking a lot better now given the new retail and outlet prices...about £400 on avarage I think:cool:
  4. Oh dear I won't tell!!
  5. Spill confession is good for the soul- bet there have been some changes since this was last updated for many- except Slow!!;)
  6. My most expensive was £895 and least expensive £228
  7. I only have 10 fingers so I can only count up to 10 (toes are no good) and I have gone past my fingers.
    Most expensive is black forest bayswater at £716
    cheapest is probably oxblood daria medium hobo from naughtipidgins for around £300
  8. At the moment I have 7 bags in my possession. As you see on the list (meny oldies), I have not been shopping for a while (latest purchase was a pre-loved Mitzy last autumn). Planning to get an Alexa this summer. The most expensive was the Mabel, I think, but I cannot remember the price exactly, I think it cost in NOK what can be converted to £650 and £700, correct me if I'm wrong. I paid nearly nothing (£60) for the Brooke in a secondhand shop, but that was because the bronze is wearing off, common problem with that bag. I find it a bit charming though.

    Large Mabel in black goatskin with matching long purse
    Mitzy hobo in oak
    Seth in chocolate
    Large Antony in black
    Roxanne in olive
    Brooke in bronze metallic
    Elgin in oak
    + accessories like key rings, iPhone covers etc.

    Loved and sold:
    Roxanne in vanilla
    Small Antony in chocolate
  9. Currently I only have one Mulberry in my collection! Mini Alexa from F/W11, £525. (Those were the days!)
  10. So many have come and gone recently

    total 6
    Most expensive Oak Alexa £795
    Least expensive Bays belt bag £269
    Average price £415
  11. wow it is so depressing to go back to page one and see what we used to spend on Mulberry bags!!!! If only they were those prices now ................... !!!!
  12. Amazing isn't it ...a real wake up call
  13. It definitely is amazing especially when you consider it was only 3 years ago :amazed: !!!
  14. Ooh, this seems like fun! My collection:
    Number of bags: 13
    Most expensive: Conker Alexa which was preloved £600
    Least expensive: Chestnut congo trout £240
    Average: £392.77

    Not too bad on average, but the bulk of my bags were bought on sale, preloved or from the outlet. Thank goodness my bag buying days are drawing to an end
  15. I only have 7 bags, 2 Alexas, 2 Bays, a Mitzy, a Daria and a Rosemary

    Most expensive: Valentine Alexa £995
    Least expensive: Lavender Darwin Rosemary £140