Is it the falling, or the love, that is the best thing....

  1. Is it the falling, or the love, that is the best thing about falling in love?

    Personally I think it's the falling, when you are falling in love anything in the world is possible.

    Don't get me wrong being in love is fantastic, but I think nothing beats when you are falling in love.
  2. I love the falling in love. After 8 years with DH, ya kinda forget about that part. Oh hum.
  3. LOL......its great till u forget about it..heehee
    (LOVE LASTS FOEVER,however FALLING IN LOVE is a brief moment in time it seems!!!!heehee!)
  4. The falling... I wish I could keep that feeling forever.
  5. ahh the falling is exciting

    but the being with somebody and knowing all there little foibles and quirks, and knowing only you know about them - well thats love
  6. That's a tough one to feels so safe. The falling part can be really exciting though, and sometimes it can hurt. Falling is more exciting, but love just feels so right. I :heart: having someone to love and knowing they are there for me, and they love me back....<sigh> I guess I'd have to say LOVE.
  7. Love; falling in love is wonderful, but like any beginning to a relationship, it has its trials, and that is when you first discover the small things about another person that take time to accept. Love means you can go to dinner or on vacation, and really relax with your SO, no worries, enjoy their special personality traits, enjoy good conversation, share your thoughts...good stuff :heart:
  8. The falling part is so magical and fun (and short! so it needs to be enjoyed), but I think it's the love that is best. There's something so nice about being completely comfortable with someone, and knowing they're always there for you. It's hard to match that, you know?
  9. Oh, both! You don't ever really stop falling, even though you have had love for years, you just keep on falling anyway. And floating. And soaring, all at once, and always. I strongly recommend it, for those who haven't tried it yet. :smile:
  10. I agree with chloe-babe. The falling part is so exciting, and then there's the "will he call? when will he call? he called!" part that is kinda scary. I am so thankful for my husband, we will be married eight years this year, and I wouldn't trade them for the roller coaster I was on before I found him.
  11. I believe intimacy is the best thing about falling in love. Infatuation (butterflies and all that stuff) eventually fades but to be in love with your very best friend that you can tell anything too, share anything with is priceless. (I know I sound like a MasterCard commercial.)
  12. I think the "love" part is better, as exciting as the "falling" part is. I would never trade back all the experiences I have had with my significant other, and I am enjoying being with him just as much right now. Sometimes I forget to stop and think how great he is, and I have to remind myself not to take anything for granted.
  13. I'm not sure I can say I've *truly* been in love yet... I mean, I've had a few relationships... but none of them were really long-term. I love the feeling and excitement when you first start seeing a guy... and I know it'll eventually fade, but it's still a nice feeling...

    I recently started dating again after nearly 3 years... I met a wonderful guy, and although it's only been a couple months... I am optimistic about it. I am a lot more mature now, and a little more willing to settle down-- so hopefully, I'll find love in the near future!
  14. Kitten said it very well.
  15. Weird, my husband and I were just reminiscing about our "falling" period. I've known him almost 20 years now and we can still recall how we fell in love. Those days were blissful, romantic, easy, passionate, exciting....I am glad that we can still recall those days because now that we've got two kids and one more on the way, it is hard to get back to that. However, it is an amazing feeling to know that my "miracle" is all mine.