Is it the Cabat?

  1. I have a question, I saw this lady zoom pass me one day, with a bag that looked like a Louis Vuitton Neverfull. It was black, and roughly the same size as the GM. It had the signature BV woven leather, and I was wondering if it is the Cabat tote, just with the sides folded in? Does the tote even have snaps to hold it in place? It really looked like a Neverfull with the sides folded in, but of course a BV version.
  2. The cabat does not have any snaps to hold the sides in.
  3. but the sides can be tucked in to give the bag a more trapezoid look. bunkie once posted pics of hers worn this way a long time ago.
  4. Are there different sizes to this bag? How about handle lengths?
  5. REYNALD0C,there is also a BV tote, handles are different than the Cabat. And the Roma, which because it has three sections, does look like the ends are pleated inwards...
  6. mini/Asian size, only available in Asia

    going to search through an old thread of mine to see if someone gave the measurements there, I think they did...

    ok, found these, no large measurement though:
    The Mini (Asian sized) measures 9"H, 18"W, 7"D.

    The Medium is 9"H, 22"W, 7"D.