Is it that time of the month already???

  1. Of course if you guys haven't noticed I am on the forum 10 hours a day....and recently I've noticed some fellow PF'ers are getting really catty....just like comments here and there....WHATS GOING ON GIRLS!?!??! WE ARE HERE FOR BASICALLY THE SAME COMMON SHALLOW OBSESSING!!!! :P ...CheERs!! SmiLe....!!!!:flowers:
  2. It might be the heat. Time to hit the air conditioned mall!:yes:
  3. There was a new moon recently. This always happens.
  4. heheheh we are coming up with all these theorys......interesting ahhahahaha...I heard this some where but did you know More car accidents happen during full moons then any other time of the month??
  5. really??? didn't know about
  6. I haven't been on much lately because I've been super busy, so I haven't noticed!
  7. you are right, I searched for it and see what I found the myth around the full moon:

    -the homicide rate
    -traffic accidents
    -crisis calls to police or fire stations
    -domestic violence
    -births of babies
    -major disasters
    -casino payout rates
    -aggression by professional hockey players
    -violence in prisons
    -psychiatric admissions [one study found admissions were lowest during a full moon]
    -agitated behavior by nursing home residents
    -gunshot wounds
    -emergency room admissions [but see]
    -behavioral outbursts of psychologically challenged rural adults
    -sleep walking

    We must add being catty to strangers...
  8. hehhehe interesting eh
  9. When these threads come up I always feel oblivious. Oh deary, are my blonde roots showing?

    *howls at the moon*
  10. gosh, I am missing these drama filled threads, can someone tell me where they r?
  11. Pass the popcorn. I love a good trainwreck!
  12. how sweet.. feelings hurt and its all a joke...such nasty things have happened I no longer want to be a member...nice train wreck....
  13. Hey Sunshine. I think maybe you should just take a couple of hours away from the forum. You seem ultra-sensitive right now. You're going to keep seeing things posted that are going to drive you nuts. Go make yourself a sundae and relax for a bit. The loonies (whoever they are) will eventually sign off!
  14. I hate drama, sorry if I've contributed (it is actually about that time of the month for me, lol). Actually, I havent really noticed anything out of the ordinary. . .what have I missed?
  15. Ladies and the few gents... any threads, posts, etc that you find offensive in any way- just let me know! I am actually really sweet, have a huge heart, and want to make this as pleasurable for you all as it can be. This is a place for fun... so let's keep it that way yes :yes:

    Much love to you all! Enjoy this gorgeous weekend