is it THAT bad?

  1. so i saw this bag on eBay (not mine) and the seller listed it as C condition, which is a sale/bargain item and the lowest grading they have.
    however, the only comments are scratches on the outside. the interior is clean.
    the scratches seen in the pictures seem similar to those on other NEW bags i've seen on eBay...
    the bag doesn't seem THAT bad to me...but is it? :shrugs:

  2. I think this looks good. I've seen this seller list many Legacy bags, always described as C condition because of scratches, but as we know that is the nature of Legacy leather. And if you check the seller's feedback, you'll see that many people have said that the items were "better than expected." I think the seller is probably not aware that it is inevitable that Legacy leather gets scratches. I've actually seen other clay Gigi's on eBay that look way more scratched than this one.
  3. It does seem to have a lot of scratches! If you don't mind the scratches then it is probably a good deal for you. Just be sure you are prepared to see lots of scratches. I am thinking that the clay color w/ scratches is going to give it a worn look, which can be a good thing if you are not into totally smooth flawless bags. I don't mind a little character on my bags, but it is matter of opinion. I personally wouldn't buy this particular bag, because A I don't like the color and B it does look a little more scratched up then I would care to see. The bottom is Horrible, I can just imagine what it looks like IRL. I would pass :yes:
  4. well i'm kind of desperate for a clay gigi and was thinking that some apple leather conditioner would do the trick
  5. I have heard that the clay Gigi is notorious for getting scratched up. Even if you bought a brand new one with hardly any scratches, it will get scratched up eventually. This one might be more scratched than usual. I guess if you don't mind the scratches, it might be a good deal.
  6. hmm very true.
    you guys are so helpful! lol
  7. Oops! I see that it ended.

    Personally, I would not have bought that bag... There are way too many scratches on it for that price!
  8. It looks fine to me.

    Leather is gonna get scratched up anyways.. so..
  9. I would have bought it!!!
  10. I just have to give praise to such an honest seller!!! It's nice for once to see "Better than expected" comments than a seller trying to hide the true condition!!!
  11. I would have bought it!
  12. I have purchased from this seller in the past...great person to work with. He (she?) I think slightly under-estimates the merchaindies. They might describe it as C...but it's totally wearable.

    s/he is just totally honest. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from them again.
  13. That's good to know...I'll be putting this seller in my favorites~;)...Again...It's great that they under-estimate and have ones excited when they're item arrives. Great selling sense~ And great way to keep positive feedback.:yes:
  14. This seller is considered highly reputable by the purse ladies on the ebay forum--he/she/they also have other ids, including pinchrosemary and youngbrands. There may be others too. Just a heads up for those of you interested. I've never bought from them, but I've heard many good things.
  15. My Clay Gigi has a lot of scratches but the more I use the bag, the more it blends in...almost like a patina. It's slowly becoming my favorite bag! The bag I bought off eBay has more scratches than that auction.