Is it tacky?

  1. I am a HUGE fan of the groom collection, however cant decided if the scarf would look a bit tacky :yucky: . Does anyone own it(or have pics of it worn)...thoughts on the subject?
  2. I think I saw a photo of someone's Xmas collection ~ a scarf with the groom in yellow?

    i am sure it would like lovely!!!
  3. I think it's adorable..I have both the yellow and red bandeaus but the scarf would be really cute too.
  4. Anyone got any pics of it worn?
  5. I don't wear it myself but I have a red groom bandeau which I tie on some of my mono bags - it's really cute.
  6. Here's a pic of it on my bag!
    new scarf 4.jpg new scarf 6.jpg
  7. I dont think it looks tacky.
  8. Lol we're bandeau/scarf twins! I have that same bandeau and got the leopard one for my mom! :yahoo:
  9. I think it's really cute... not tacky at all.
  10. I was wondiering the same thing about the multicolor bandeau. I think they're both cute though!

  11. LOL What can I say?!?! We both have great taste!!:p

  12. Here's a pic of the black MC bandeau with my black Epi Speedy 30
    lv bag 2.jpg scaf.jpg
  13. Cute! It looks great against the black epi :love:
  14. ^thanks :smile:
  15. Haha I have that one and the white one as well!! We DO have amazing taste lol :p
    And that does look really nice on the black Epi!