Is it tacky?

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  1. I used to see a ton of people sporting the gaucho dress pant with a tall high heel boot all the time. I still see it occasionally however, I have never sported the look myself. Was this ever acceptable in fashion? Is it still?
  2. Oh geez. This is just my opinion, but I really am not a favor of gauchos unless worn as yoga pants or around the house! I dont think they are tacky, but it is definitely not the best look out there.
  3. i would prefer gaucho pant w flat for me
  4. ITA with the flats, boots is not the best look - Kinda tacky:push:
  5. I don't think it is tacky, but I personally am so over the gaucho rid of all of mine this season.

  6. ITA
    I have 2 pairs that I only wear around the house/to sleep in!
  7. I think it was a cute look a few years ago for about 1/2 a season. I still have a couple of pairs that I sleep in on occasion.
  8. I'm not a big fan of gauchos in general, but if I had to wear them for some reason, I would definately not choose to pair them with high heeled boots!
  9. I only like those pants in cotton for around the house or w/ flip flops and a t-shirt to the grocery!
  10. Yeah, i remember that look. It was cute, but I think it's a past season look now.
  11. I think that looks so very tacky..I would never ever wear that. Gaucho pants should only be worn for yoga and lounging. :push:
  12. Yikes!

    I still wear gauchos to work sometimes (with flip flops or flats) because they're comfortable, but I don't think they should be dressy.
  13. I think that the gaucho dress pant with a tall high heel boot was a hot look, but I think that it's a look that only some people can pull off. The best bet would be to pair gauchos with a cute pair of ballet flats.
  14. As usual, I'm the odd girl out. I adore gauchos, always have since they came into style 2-3 years ago, and I think they look hot with tall boots. They have to be nice gauchos (wool and NOT high-waisted) and nice boots.

    Yoga pants are one thing, but those cheap gauchos made of cotton t-shirt material that the teeny-boppers wear should all disappear, IMO.
  15. Wow. Do NOT rock the look. That look is ick.