Is it tacky to tie a twilly on non-Hermes bags?

  1. Hi girls!
    I don’t currently have the budget to buy an Hermes bag, so I have to satisfy myself with small objects, like bracelets and what-not.
    Right now I am interested in buying a twilly (most likely in the Bolduc design), and am wondering if I could tie it to my non-Hermes bags (most likely my Chanel totes, or maybe some mini monogram LV bags). Will this look tacky and label whore-ish? Since my bags usually have some sort of logo on it already (although not very “LOOK AT ME” ones, such as the LV multicolour), will adding the Bolduc twilly be overkill?
    Please be honest, and thanks in advance!
  2. i like the hermes pochette tied to bags, because it's more flouncy than the twilly, more body. i'm not familiar with too many LV bags, but i do think it looks terrific on the speedy!
  3. I'm also not at the point where I can afford an Hermes bag and I have two Twilly's that I tie to various bags. Both of them are currently tied onto my Anna Corinna Mini City totes. I've tied them on my Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga bags - the only thing I steer away from are obvious logos or anything with too much hardware. I don't think it's too tacky.
  4. I tried tying to my black ferragamo , brown tods bags and they look vibrant (orange twilly). It would be great on your chanel bags. But have to say it did not look as good on my mono LV.
  5. Chaioapple, I think an Hermes Twilly on another designer bag is alright...preferably, one with no logo.
  6. I don't (yet) have an H I tie it on to whatever I'm carrying that it will look good on!

    I tied my new Pochette to one of my vintage straw bags and it looked great! Go ahead! You H will "dress up" anything!
  7. I remember asking that question here when I first joined. And then lo and behold... I ended up selling my YSL Muse and getting an H Evelyne. You might find something like that happening to you... first the scarf... then a bag is not far behind!!!:p
  8. You're the best judge, chiaoapple. How does it look to you?
  9. Bolduc on a no logo bag will work....
  10. Actually the SA help tie twilly on my tod's. I have pics of my twilly on the bags but unfortunately too big to upload on forum. Still working out how to resize and save. kaliegirl, it's is true the twilly might lead to other H things. I bought 2 scarfs and thinking of a bag now. teehee.
  11. I love tieing Twillys on my LVs. I have used the Tohu Bohu in orange and Brides de Gala in light blue on my Speedy and I think they look great! :yahoo:
  12. I Did Similar ~ With A Straw Bag. I Think That Is A Fabulous Look!!!

    H Scarves On Bags Are My Favorite Way To Wear Them. I Think It Can Tranform Outfit (More Like Bring Some Color Out)!!!!!
  13. No it is not tacky to tie a Hermes twilly to a non-H bag.
  14. I don't think it's tacky at all.. BUT few of my friends find it very tacky. So, I guess it's depend on each individual ;)