Is it tacky to buy purses from places like Target etc?

  1. I wondered if anybody on this forum purchases bags from places like Target, Kohls, or a store like that are not what you'd call "designer" but just look cool? I have a collection of the high end bags but then sometimes I find a bag that I think is cool at Target sometimes. Is that tacky to do that?
    I haven't seen any posts about stuff like that so I thought I'd ask. Here again, I'm kinda new on this forum and I apologize if I ask a stupid question from time to time.
  2. I don't think it is tacky at all to buy a cute inexpensive purse. It only becomes tacky when that inexpensive purse is a very heavily "inspired" version of a designer bag (IMO anyway).
  3. The only thing that's truly tacky is a fake. A lot of people have department or discount store bags for various uses!
  4. i think it's great to like and buy something from target etc!
    i'm just too spoiled with my balenciaga's leathers that most of the times i don't buy other leather bags unless it's on the same level :shame:

    but i do buy cheap under 20$ vintage bags that i love a lot!
  5. Huh? I'd like to think that members of tPF are not bag snobs.
  6. Agree with HauteMama. Tacky is when you wear obviously fake handbags.
    Like those ones sold in booth in the middle of shopping mall.
    I think as long as the bags are stylish, and you can carry them well, no problem where you get them from.
    The advantage of always carrying high end brand, when you carry those cheap stylish bags, your friends think that its the newest bag from the latest designer. :smile:
  7. I have noticed that some of the stores like Kohls and even JC Penny have tried to make purses that look like Chloe. I did buy a Melie Bianco bag only because I can't get the Prada Gaufre right now and I don't want to buy a fake.
  8. Nope not tacky to me.
  9. i dont think it is tacky if the purse is cute and unique. I am just too spoiled by designer bags to do it myself unless I saw something I really really loved. I also hate cheap/fake leather so that is another reason. There is a department store 1 minute walk from my apartment, everytime i go in there I always look at the bags haha. most of them are just too "inspired" looking though
  10. Not at all tacky! Buy what you like!
  11. No
  12. Not at all tacky! Carry what you love!
  13. It's not tacky. If that's what you like, go for it. What's tacky is buying fake.
  14. Why would you call buying a handbag at Target tacky? :sad: Variety is the spice of life.