Is it stupid to keep both?

  1. I just got a plomb/lead giant silver hardware partime and i LOVE it! Before I ordered it, I picked up a new 07 rh black city from Neimans (in Atlanta ladies/gents!! :smile:). I am surprised at how different the two bags are. The black city is veiny and dark, and the lead has smooth leather with blue undertones, but they are similar too. Is is stupid to keep the black rh city in addition to the gsh lead PT, or is it just a classic that any girl with more than 10 bbags just NEEDS to have? I am a future attorney (hopefully) and I feel like I need a black bbag, and with the leather from 07, I would rather get it from this year. Its a great veiny bag (which I love on the black), but is it too similar? honest opinions please :smile:
  2. Personally i would keep the plomb and get another color. Maybe Ocean or Pine?

    I agree the leather from this year is awesome and would be ideal to get a black now, but.....these colors just look too similar.
  3. i don't think it's stupid at all to keep both. they are two different styles, and two different colors and also different hardware so imo they're not too similar at all!
  4. they`re not similar at all IMHO, but if i had to choose i would keep the plomb - love the colour! ;)
  5. ...:sad:this is so hard for me...i love my happy colors!!!! but i realized that i have no "serious" ( me...) bbags!
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    i have no idea if this works....
  7. congrats first of all! black is such a classic. plomb and black is so different to me that it justify keeping both.
  8. I would also say keep both, the black city is the staple bag and plomb w/ SGH is more the eye catching piece...
  9. I would say keep both. The black is a necessary basic :yes: and the plomb with the SGH is alot more "dressy" and has a little bling factor.;)
  10. Your file didn't work, sorry. If the only factor is whether or not they are too similar, I'd say no. They are very different in style, IMO. The City, when you remove the tassels, can be very professional looking with suits. The day won't fulfill this aspect for you (since you mentioned being a future lawyer).

    If it's a matter of should you not keep them both because you want to get another color with the funds...well, I'd say keep the black and return the plomb! That's just my personal opinion, of course. :biggrin:
  11. I say keep them both...the differnt hardware makes each unique :smile:
  12. I vote keep both too! I love black bags, and I wish I could have a bag from every season! Gotta show us pics though!!! We love pics!!!:woohoo:
  13. i say if you have the means, keep both! they are similar but quite different as well, especially with the different hardware... :smile: you can't go wrong with black, black is a classic, and like lordguinny said, it can be played down for a professional environment! the plomb with SGH sounds like a fun bag with a very different character from the black RH.
  14. I agree with most of the people here, if you have the means, then go ahead and keep both.
  15. I think you should keep them both too. The black rh city is a classic take you anywhere bag and the steel with the giant hardware is a different look altogether. If you can keep them both then I think you can definately justify it because they really are quite different. Am I making any sense? It is late here, in the wet UK!! x