Is it strange for women to use men's wallet?

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  1. I need to replace my 20 years old LV wallet. And of course, because of the durability, I dont consider anything else than LV wallet.

    What I am looking for is just a simple wallet, without coins compartment, small enough but I don't want to fold the bills in order to fit inside the wallet.

    Here are the wallets I have considered but still not so what i want:

    1) zippy coin purse - good size but need to fold the bills

    2) Anais or Helene: good size, but too bunky because of the coin compartment. I have a separated coin pouch for coins.

    3) zippy compact - dont need to fold bills, practice but too big

    4) men's multiple - good size, dont need to fold bills but not so ferminate.

    What should I choose? I want a size like zippy coin purse without coin compartment and don't need to fold bills, like wallet can open flat like Multiple, but more ferminate style. I wish LV could come with new models this year. :sad:
  2. Many MANY men use women's wallets and many MANY women use men's wallets. Nothing wrong with that! Wallets need to fit your lifestyle perfectly so pick what fits your needs!
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  3. Not at all, use whatever works. I love the men's Brazza wallet.
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  4. I don't think there's anything wrong with buying a "men's" item. Men carry "women's" bags, we wear "boyfriend" pants and menswear inspired fashion. Get whatever makes you happy. I'm probably going to go for one of the men's pocket organizers myself later this year. The color options are much more preferable to me than the constant reds and pinks. Lol.
  5. Nope. I sometimes feel the guys have better items which for my needs. Lol. For example - my daughter was just saying how it sucked that most women coats don't have that inside pocket. Lol. I say if it works for you and fits your need - rock it!
  6. nothing wrong with! I like to buy the men's pocket organiser vs using a "real" wallet.
  7. Have you looked at the small pocket agenda? Many people use it as a wallet and you wouldn't have to fold your bills.

    If you search youtube there are video reviews as well and the price point is very low since it isn't a wallet.
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  8. I keep talking myself out of a graphite zippy vertical, but it is pretty much my fave wallet. I adore the graphite print almost more than the ebene.
  9. Not at all! The long wallet with the stripes painted on is gorgeous. I'd love to own it and it's a men's wallet. (
  10. The Taiga leather Pocket Organizer softens up so nicely and becomes smushy and flexible yet still feeling solid and durable on the top if that makes sense lol it's a wonderful item.
  11. everything tends to be unisex these days :smile:
  12. No!!! If it clicks with you and fills all your needs, use it!!
  13. What about the pocket organizer? I'm debating getting that one myself. I have a Josephine but need something simple to carry my driver's license and family's medical cards in.
  14. Nothing wrong with using whatever wallet works best for you. I just got a men's leather card holder monogrammed with my initials in the mail today from a contemporary brand. Sometimes men's items are made better and last longer.