is it still worth to buy a reporter bag?

  1. hi girls, i need your opinion about getting a large reporter bag, I travel quiet often and i was thinking a reporter bag would fit all my stuff (passports, bills, checkbook, kid's snack etc.) I know its an older model.. is it still worth to buy it, its about $2K plus from eBay, considering i can buy a newer model/bag with the same price? i like the look because it has all the compartments, and zipper to secure wallet and checks etc.., compare to "softer" bags which disorganizes things when put all together.. what you think? :confused1: I already have jumbo flaps but space is still limited for travelling.. what's a good chanel bag for travelling? thanks in advance

    *picture from KNIEPERT*
  2. If you like the look of it and it will fit all your needs, I say go for it! There aren't many Chanels with outside pockets...not many at all!
  3. I have many chanel bags and I must say my Black on black large reporter bag which I bought 2yrs ago is my favorite. I had it refurbished 4 months ago and it looks new (from Neiman Marcus repairs) !! I still get complements and can't put it down except for evening. I did purchase another tote this year the black lady braid, but, it is heavy and I haven't used it yet as I love my reporter..and do use all the pockets!!!
  4. ^ Neimans will do repairs? I thought you had to bring it in to Chanel for repairs. I'm really curious to know more about this. How long did it take/how much did it cost?
  5. If you are thinking of getting a Chanel bag for travel, then I would say the large reporter is definitely the choice. [The other bag I am thinking of is the pocket in the city.] The calfskin used on the reporter bag is very resistant to scratches and the bag itself holds its shape well even after you put lots of stuff in the bag.

    The cambon ligne may look a bit tired and dated at the moment, and this is not helped by there being so many fakes in the market. That said, this bag is spot on purely from a functional perspective. I have a large reporter [white on black] and she has travelled all over the world with me, from HK to London to Paris to KL to Tokyo to China to US!:tup:
  6. I have this bag & I adore it! One of the most functional bags ever!
    I am saddened by all the fakes but hell all my LV bags have been faked also! I know that my bag is the real McCoy & that's all that matters!
  7. I looove the reporter cambon :love:, i have 2 of them the baby size and the original size both is very useful !! :tup:
  8. I have the smaller size and love it! Personally, I think it's totally worth it. I got mine two years ago, which is a bit after they'd peaked but didn't care. It was, and is, the perfect bag for me. I have the Paris Biarritz bag, which I prefer for traveling though. It holds magazines as well as all the other stuff and is easier to shove into overhead compartments.
  9. I love my large reporter bag.. it's a really stylish way to be practical. However, I never use the side pockets (I keep them stuffed with tissue to retain its nice shape), and the bag is extremely heavy. It's also a huge size and that can be an inconvenience at times.
  10. thank you girls & really appreciate your opinions,suggestions...

    echo_23 - yes i am, i might actually go for it! :p

    sjbdmd - oh yes i need the pockets!

    Miffy27 & BagAngel- that's what i thought too and holding me back --the fakes, all over hk & china~~

    Hapa - hey you mentioned Paris Biarritz bag, i saw that one too and seriously considering, seller said the chanel box comes in white and not black.. i'll PM you!!

    DezinerPurseFan - I'm sure its practical.. :rolleyes:

    bisousx - I agree, its really a day time bag, and with kids like me :yes:
  11. I think that worth it is a very subjective thing. For me? No, it wouldn't be worth it as I wouldn't use it, but I can see how it would be a practical bag for many people. In my opinion, you have to buy what you love and can see yourself carrying for awhile. I don't get caught up in handbag trends for the most part but rather go with my gut instinct. I've found that for me, it gives my bags more staying power. Hands down, if you love it, get it. Prices will only go up it seems.
  12. The Paris Biarritz does come in a huge white box. I had bought one when they first came out (didn't like the fabric thing it had going on though so I returned it) and left the store with this HUGE white box in a HUGE Chanel bag. One lady I passed coming out of the store saw the bag and commented "I didn't know Chanel made a purse big enough to fit in that bag!" :p
  13. Yes, if you have purchased the bag at Neiman Marcus,they will send it out for you to a repairs department. The repairs dept will then contact you as to the price of the repairs. In my case it was $250.00 and worth every penny. It did take 3 months though!
  14. I love my black on black reporter...though sometimes I wish I had the black patent on black reporter cos I like that little bit of shiny patent leather showing...anyhoo--I LOVE LOVE my bag, I carry it all the time on the plane with me and its so durable, though I still care for it and sit it on top of a pillow or magazine when I stick it under the seat and all...the pockets are so functional for putting my chapstick, etc--though I sometimes forget which pocket has what LOL
  15. I LOVE this style. I have the large size in beige/black, black/white, brown/beige and pink/black! I bought a small one in Brown/brown patent, but it is too small for me - am consigning it. I even have the really Big travel size in black/grey. It is one of my favorite style of Chanel bags, I have no idea why! It just struck me like lightning when I saw a woman carrying a pink one some months back.

    Maybe it appeals to me because I am a very very casual person, casual dresser, and the flaps (though I do have one) are a little dressy for me to just throw over my shoulder and go.

    I am really enamored of the entire Cambon ligne.