Is it still worth selling Koobas?

  1. I am considering selling an older Kooba because I never use it, but it seems like nobody is buying them any more. Have any of you recently had any luck selling them or should I hold on to it?
  2. It probably depends on what style bag you are selling. There may be someone on eBay that has been looking for it. I say, put it on eBay with a reserve price so you get what ;you want for it.
  3. Depending on the style, I have great luck selling old Koobas. Especially if they have the thick, crinkly, chewy leather. It also depends on color and condition. PM me and I'll give you opinions, if you want them. Regardless, they'll nearly always sell if your price is right, and the right styles will go for a fairly good price.
  4. Thanks for your replies! I guess I am a bit hesitant because I am based in the UK and it most likely would be an international transaction since most people here don't know about Kooba. Reading the eBay sub forum and all the potential drama just made me wonder if it would be worth it, becuse I don't want to send it half way across the world if it would only sell for $50 or so.
    The style is older and used to be sought after, and condition great as it's hardly been used, so Ill give it a try I think.
  5. In my opinion, you have little to lose and much to gain by going for the sale, and you may be holding someone's holy grail bag. You just don't know. For me, I still obsessively check ebay on a regular (and sometimes daily basis) for the elusive Jaylin and this has been going on for over 2 years. My battle cry to all Kooba girls who may have some fab older bags ready for a new home is "get those babies listed" as there is surely a new home awaiting each and every special bag. :woohoo:

    The biggest risk you face is being out eBay fees if you can't sell for your desired price, which is a fairly small risk overall. Good luck!!!
  6. Hey, I am having the same problem. I am selling my Paige and nobody is interested!! It seems that when I ask people to trade, they aren't interested either. I use Coach more so I have been scouting for some Coach bags and have asked if they would like to trade and so far, I keep getting shot down. One lady even told me, "I would do it but I don't know the value of your bag." I was like, "That's why there's Google... Retail was over $600, but good luck selling yours for $400 when no one wants to buy it for that much!" I mean I hate being snarky, but seriously, I KNOW nobody would want to pay that much for a Coach. Plus, Koobas are better made and are expensive for a reason (I am selling mine for personal reasons though). She also made it sound like she COULD sell it for 400 dollars. In this economy, yea right. Anyways, I should stop ranting... I am just frustrated, lol.
  7. That is so frustrating. Well, I did list my Kooba and had a bidder fairly quickly. It sold a few days ago and they still haven't paid. I'm giving after this. Just not worth the headache.
  8. Hey Hessefan, what Kooba did you sell? I am just curious. And I have one previous customer interested (she bought my old Marc Jacobs bag and I kept her email) but that's about it. Did you get the price you wanted?
  9. Hey Hessefan, what Kooba did you sell? I am just curious. And I have one previous customer interested (she bought my old Marc Jacobs bag and I kept her email) but that's about it. Did you get the price you wanted?

    Also, I traded my Brynne in for a Coach and I thought it was in wonderful condition but she didn't think so (to MY eyes there were no tears, scratches, etc. but maybe slight darkening or patina??) so now I am waiting to see what she has to say bc I am considering returning the Coach back to her since she has higher expectations! I know a poorly used bag when I see one, and this was not it, considering it was a Brynne, you know? I also think being a Kooba snob (that is why we're here, aren't we LOL:biggrin:) we KNOW enough about Koobas and I would say I was disappointed that SHE thought it was "not great" (yes, those were her exact words) so whatever I am returning it to her to not deal w/ drama. You've seen the old Koobas before, so you should know what I mean:p
  10. I spoke too soon, they paid today! I have a tendency to get a little paranoid after dealing with a few NPBs...
    It was a Jillian, which I hardly used since I found it a bit heavy. I did get a good price, but since I don't see them as an investment I wasn't aiming very high. :biggrin: Most prices are better than sitting in my closet. I hope your trading partner changes her mind, even though condition is very subjective I suppose.
  11. I think for some kooba styles, it's definitely worth it, especially if you have those to-die-for bags.

    I just recently bought a pre-loved Meredith, and I won a bidding war just a few days ago over an Elisha.

    I'm sure someone will come along if the price is right :smile:
  12. Opinions vary WILDLY regarding what is/isn't good condition. I bought a Kooba Molly recently that I thought was in TERRIBLE condition... the finish was supposed to be shiny and had large rubbed areas, a buckle had ripped out of the side seam leaving a hole, the inside was dirty, and there were several scuffs on the leather. The seller had described it as like new. I pitched a fit and returned it because to me it seemed awful. She sold it to someone else who left feedback describing it as "mint" condition. What the...?!

    When I sell bags, if I list them as preowned, that generally means "not crispy new." If there's even the tiniest flaw- even overall softening of the leather- I mention it in the listing to be safe.

    I've had good luck selling some Koobas. I've sold a Natalia, a Devin, and a Katy and got decent prices for all of them.
  13. ah hey guys, sry it took me a few days, but shelzbags (shelly) has been ever so helpful w/ helping me on my ebay auction and stuff.

    hessefan - i ended up buying the coach bag from the trader, LOL! she was selling it for a pretty low price and i just snatched it anyways.

    schientist - yeah, i agree. i've added detailed photos to be on the safe side and mentioned minute things, even though it's stuff that people probably can't see but still you never know (picky, difficult people, etc)... there are like ten watchers so i hope it gets sold to SOMEBODY! gee, the money would come in!

    i just wish i had good luck w selling stuff.. maybe im just not a good seller...
  14. I'm a new member here and I have been reading your posts with interest. I have a lot to learn about Kooba, as I just discovered these bags recently. I see that some people are looking for trades? Is that right? I have a NWT Coach I would trade for a Kooba, but I don't know the name of the Kooba - just have a picture.

    I'm also not so good at selling on eBay. I haven't figured out yet what I need to change.

    Let me know if anyone is interested in a trade? Also, the Coach is new, and the Kooba I am looking for will surely be pre-owned, which is okay.