Is it still worth buying a pre-owned MBMJ?

  1. I found this MBMJ too hot to handle satchel in a lovely burgundy color (which appears brighter in the photos probably because of the lighting):

    It's priced for about USD100. There's some peeling on the bottom corner that will cost at least $90 to repair.
    Do you think it's a good price considering MBMJ has been discontinued and not exactly popular anymore?
    The store that has this bag is not in Tokyo (which is where I live) so I can't check it out in person, and they don't accept return :sad:

    It seems almost impossible to find a roomy bag which can hold laptop, folders etc., has a zipper closure, shoulder straps that is not Tory Burch, Longchamp or Kate Spade.

    I would love to hear your opinions, TIA!
  2. $90 to fix the wear in the last photos seems pretty high, but then I'm going by US prices.

    MBMJ is still fairly popular here, so you can find styles in better condition for around that price. I don't know what's available to you in Tokyo, though. I'd personally skip it if you're wanting to see it in person first and can't return it, plus who knows if the leather repair place can match the color.
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  3. I have that bag in electic blue. And I am sorry but I can't recommend it since it is quite heavy in itself. And the strap is not comfortable because the bag is actually not at all well balanced with the strap.

    But I love the look of the bag :smile:

    If I buy pre loved I want my bags to be in almost new condition. So no, I would not buy that bag :/
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  4. Thank you for replying!
    I know right, Tokyo is a crazy expensive city.
    I guess I'll try to find a better deal then.

    Thank you for your advice!
    Yea I like the style too. The leather looks so supple but I'll have to give this a pass then, I carry lots of things so a heavy bag doesn't sound like a good choice.
  5. The leather is great! Very durable and gets really soft. But it is calfleather (I think) which is kind of heavy. And then not well balanced when using shoulder strap :sad:
  6. I think it has a really great colour and the price is not too expensive. I bought mine around 3 years ago for about 500SGD (it was on sale) and it holds everything but the handles are a little heavy.
    I also think the peeling isn't noticeable. But if you can find better deal then good luck. :smile:
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  7. I have something similar to that bag. The Too Hot to handle range is actually pretty good. I’d buy it for $100 and not fix the peeling. Or maybe use leather paint myself.
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  8. The store sent me some close-up photos and the colour looks a little dull, not sure if it's because of lighting or what.
    HIMG0140.JPG HIMG0141.JPG HIMG0142.JPG
    I think the bag in this photo is the same style?