Is it still possible to locate a mirror lockit

  1. hi all...

    I am still currently looking for the mirror lockit ... I have to give mine to an auntie that was really close to me cos she fell in love with them ... and she was so nice to me when I was a kid....

    I know it has been already out for almost 2 months will there be any possibilities that I could still locate one in stores other than eBay... ??

    I am open to either color..

  2. Sorry, can't help you. I really want one too. It's f'in gorgeous.
  3. To my knowledge, they're sold out worldwide. You can always try calling your nearest store to ask about it though.
  4. I saw them on rakuten.
  5. Hi! U can try getting them at yahoo auctions or eBay. Though the prices would be a bit higher than what U would pay at the stores. I like them in both colors too. :love::heart:
  6. Saw both colors in Yahoo auctions Singapore.
    Good Luck ;)
  7. Saw a link a few threads down for a 2nd hand new and used webstie for LV I checked it out and there is a gold mirror lockit and a silver mirror lockit and they looked new to me. The thread is new 2nd hand LV website:yes:
  8. Thank u so much for your reply everyone.. !! I am trying my best to locate one right now.. :sad: sigh I so wish that my aunt told me that she wants it a month earlier so there will still be a higher chance for me to find one from my SA ... !!
  9. I was about to post the same question! I am dying to have one of them! But I have to wait one more month so I can be able to buy it. I hope there are still some left on ebay by then!
  10. it was so kind of you to do that. i hope you find another!
  11. I hope you find one soon....
    Glad to know people still want them,
    if and when I want to sell mine ( i tire easily of bags !!)
    Just waiting for the MP to open up, tho.....
  12. They were gone pretty quick from the boutiques... ebay maybe!