Is it still possible to get a white spy?

  1. Not the Wisteria (with the flowers). Just plain white, I think it was from spring summer 06? Can someone please let me know where I can find one? I've already checked Saks, Neimans and BG...
  2. There is a white one on eBay right now. Start bidding at around $1400 with a BIN at $2K. Check it out.
  3. Dee Dee,there is an ivory Spy on Net à Porter,but on pics it looks white.I don't know if ivory is a colour for Spy or just a name given by NAP.
    Hope this helps!
  4. Pretty sure ivory/white are the same color. I just got one a few weeks ago from Bloomingdales. It is not a pure white color, but the auth card lists color as "bianco". The NAP is the white/ivory--there aren't two separate shades.
  5. Why is it that 4 of your 6 posts reference this site?
  6. I think styledrops or bluefly has them.
  7. BTW, my white spy has an 07 manufacture code, so they are still in production and shouldn't be too hard to find.
  8. Most people in this forum reference sites they have bought from that they know and trust when answering another member's question. Just trying to be helpful!
  9. She asked a fair question though. Not saying that you are but I have heard of some new PF members who join just to promote certain websites, and since you're new and majority of your posts referred to that website, that is why she asked.

    (Pardon the long sentance! I obviously didn't learn much in English!
  10. It's okay :smile: I understand...I'm sure lots of people do that... but what would be in it for someone to promote someone else's site? Maybe I'm being naive, but I don't know how someone could benefit from referencing someone else's site, unless they worked there or owned the company. I used to work for, and I've referenced them on here too. But I didn't reference them in order to get compensation, seeing as I don't even work there anymore. I did it because I had worked there and know it's a reliable company and I knew they had something that someone was looking for. I reference because I've ordered from them and trust them. There are plenty of people on here who reference Diabro or Net a Porter regularly and no one says anything. I guess it's because I'm new like you said. I wasn't trying to cause any problems...honestly! :smile: I love this site!
  11. Jenna, we appreciate you response here. Lit & I & others have been bombarded by spammers and other parties promoting websites that sell fakes. We have never heard of bagboutique & we are reluctant to purchase from any website that we haven't had the opportunity to examine the wares of so to speak. With Fendis, a single photo is not adequate to authenticate & the fakes are really deceiving. We have a small handful of sites we trust because we have repeatedly examined the purses PFers receive from them. Even so, snafus occur, as with the Spy from Diabro. Hope you understand we are sensitive to this. Lit & I & the other Fendi Ladies here spend a lot of time protecting PFers from unhappy purchases.:yes:
  12. ^^what she said.

    I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, it just looks fishy whenever we get a new person on here who posts a lot of references to a site we haven't heard of before that is selling bags. Usually, it is because the newbie owns that site and is pretending to be a satisfied customer. You seem genuine, though, now that you have been around a little longer. I hate to accuse someone, on the chance that they are genuine, but usually it seems this is the MO.:sad:
  13. Saks also have it on their website