Is it still possible to gain flexibility in your 20's?

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  1. I've never done any sports or anything of that sort, so I can't be physically flexible. At this age, is it still possible to gain more flexibility through practice?

    If I try hard enough, can I do a leg-split by the end of the year?
  2. absolutely! I'm in my 50's and can put my hands on the floor. Yoga will do wonders for your flexibility. So will just stretching every day.
  3. You read my mind, OP! I was going to post something about this last night. I'm 31, and am not very flexible. I do the Jillian Michaels DVDs, and when she goes into a v-sit for stretching during cool down, I swear I'm less flexible than she is! I used to dance when I was a teenager, and was way more flexible back then. Do you guys think daily stretching would help me out? I don't want to be able to do the splits or anything, but would like to be able to do a wider v sit and touch my toes without wanting to die. :P
  4. yes - do daily stretches, yoga, and pilates to improve your flexibility and range of motion.
  5. Yep, daily stretching helps.

    ~Bastet, I used to dance as well when I was younger (I'm 25 now) and after one month of religious stretching after my workouts I'm getting just as flexible as I was back then.
  6. How are you liking her DVD?
    I REALLY need to lose weight, but was thinking of doing something indoors, in my room to avoid embarrasment
  7. Yoga works wonders.
    I'm naturally flexible and I've been doing yoga since my teens but I definitely think it's never too late to start. My only advice would be to take yoga classes though. Yoga DVDs are great but only once you already know the basics. In the beginning it's important to have an instructor who can correct your posture and make sure you're doing things right.
    A friend recently started coming to yoga with me and she's never been flexible. She's sporty but she runs and lifts weights and is naturally very 'stiff' but since she's started yoga, she's seen a definite improvement in flexibility and she is in her late 20s.
  8. Yes! You can dramatically increase your flexibility at any age if you work at it. Yoga is especially helpful, but regular stretching exercises will help, too. You are never too old to increase your flexibility, your fitness or even to build muscle.
  9. It's possible to gain flexibility at any age
  10. Yes. The body was designed to thrive, improve, and get stronger, despite the aging process.
    And in some cases, heal itself.
    Look at Lance Armstrong!
  11. I took this class called the Lotte Burke method or "the bar method"...only it was a little bit different. Women who were in their 40's and 50's were able to do splits after taking the class for a few months. It was really incredible. You just have to earn the flexibility if that makes sense. Little at a time.
    I am in my 20's and when I saw these older women doing splits I was like WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?! I was pretty close to doing one but then stopped going to that class :sad:
  12. I have always been flexible (without doing ANY sports), but have increased my flexibility through yoga. I'm 24.
  13. At this age?:roflmfao:oh lordy, you're a baby! Girl, you can do anything!
  14. Of course you can. Just remember that it takes longer to gain flexibility than it does to lose it, so keep up the stretching!
  15. Definitely! My husband started yoga at about 32. When he started, he couldn't touch his toes from standing. Now he's really flexible, more so than most women I know, which is unusual for a guy.
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