is it still possible to find this bbag?

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  1. I love this bag. Is it still possible to find one in retail?
    balenciaga blue.jpg
  2. That looks like a blueberry first. I think Aloga Rag may still have some in stock.
  3. I second Citychris...I think it's still possible to find a blueberryfirst
  4. hmmmmmmmmmm, i think that's actually cornflower gals!!! ;) looks like the same color as my old cornflower work bag (below)...i think that one will be hard to find anywhere else but e-bay :girlsigh:
  5. check nm in san francisco...i'm pretty sure i saw a first there last week...
  6. It depends on what color it actually is? Blueberry you can probably find at a store. Cornflower - look on eBay!!
  7. I have the blueberry first and this pic looks a little lighter than my bag, so I agree it might be cornflower. I was able to get a Blueberry first from Aloharag about one week ago, so you would check with them if that's the color you want.
  8. Cornflower. There is a cornflower box on eBay.
  9. So it's either cornflower or blueberry? Chuggie, can you post a picture of the blueberry one?
    I can't find any bbags on should I try calling them?

    I'm new to bbags craziness so.. please bear with my me...

    Thank you for your help so far ..
  10. Yeah it's cornflower.
    What's the rule on buying from eBay? What do I have to do to make sure they're not fake?

  11. Biru, hopefully my attachments of my Blueberry first will show up. I had to lower the resolution in order to fit the size requirements of the forum. The color is a very deep blue and sometimes looks black in darker light.

    I would call alohorag and ask about their stock. BTW, they might call Blueberry by Bleu Roi. I also know that Barneys in Chicago said that they could get a blueberry city when I called one week ago, so maybe they have some in the first style too.

    As for eBay, either post a possible eBay listing that you find to the Authenticate This! thread or check the Achtung, Balenciaga thread for postings of good eBay listings. Good luck!


  12. As of Thursday, the 18th, Aloha Rag had the Blueberry First on hand. Ring or email them to find out about stock. HI is 2 hours behind PST, FYI, so take that into consideration when your ring. :yes:
  13. It looks like a cornflower:smile:
  14. hey doesn't have any pics of bals on their website so do ring them - when I did last time they were really helpful and if I remembered correctly they still have some blue bags in store - good luck!