Is it still Possible to find the Chanel Baby Animals Collection?

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  1. I am looking for a clutch or flap which has been impossible to find now. Months ago I saw the changing pad at Saks but that would be a useless piece for me to own.
  2. I haven't seen them in a while, maybe someone else has. Good luck finding!
  3. Saw a clutch on ebay for $329, I think it actually was a piece meant to hold baby wipes?
  4. i think they are long gone. i bought my baby animals diaper tote bag for $529 last summer (they were $1500)... the baby animals flap was really cute tho!
  5. I saw that flap at Woodbury Commons Outlet in NY today. They had about 6 different pieces from he Baby Animals Collection there.
  6. ^ I also saw pieces from that collection there in late Feb.
  7. Just last week I was in Woodbury Outlets and Chanel store had couple of pieces from this collection in pink including diaper bag for $1,100. You may call them and ask them to put it on hold for you. They are really adorable! Good luck!
  8. Probably on eBay or at the outlets. It was all on sale last year if I'm not mistaken so I think that finding it in the boutiques will be a bit tough.