Is it still possible to find silver metallic downtown???

  1. Hi all,,,

    I just realize tht i need a downtown to be part of my collection. :drool:Really want to c how gray patent looks like. On the other hand, i also fell for silver metallic.

    Is it still possible to find now? Does it belong to ss07?

    Anyone??? Pls suggest me. :smile:
  2. I don't know where you are located, but I saw one at South Coast Plaza YSL (Costa Mesa, CA). It was on display. This was one week ago.
  3. Thanksss so much...i'm in Bangkok (Thailand)...There is only one multibrand store tht sells YSL (few pieces)...and normally there are only basic colors like black and white.:sad:

    Tht's why i'm searching for it through online site like NM etc...

    Is it the same price ($1595) everywhere in the US?

    Also, i'd love to know its retail price in EU (It's probably much cheaper??)

    Btw,,,many thanks for ur info.:tup:
  4. I saw this a few weeks ago at my NM - I'll check to see if it's still there. $1595 US sounds right! It's really lovely, and the size is what convinced me to go w/ my medium.

  5. mameaw, Downtown actually comes in two different shades of silver. One as shown above and another is similar to ms piggy's anthracite Muse.

    See ms piggy's thread on "My Muse"...
  6. Definitely try and call Bergdorf Goodman in NYC...I think I saw one when I was there today. Good luck...

  7. Ohhh thank you so muchhhh. :wlae: Gotta see how....

  8. Yeahhhh i love ms piggy's silver shade....:drool:
    Is it called anthracite or pewter???:confused1: Is it the same color as the one at NM?

    thanks thanks thanks...:smile:
  9. I don't see this particular color at NM...

    I saw it in YSL boutique at SF last Sunday. You can try to call the store directly.

    (415) 837-1211 ==> Ask for Terri or Barbara
  10. has it i think :smile: