Is it still possible to find Pink Chanel Cambon large tote now?

  1. After disapponted with eBay seller so now I will save my money to buy a new large cambon tote. This time I would prefer to buy in an original boutique :nuts: . I have to pay full retail price ( It quite a big amount of money to me) so I need to have it in my favorite color (PINK). I heard that Pink is seasonal color. Any possible chance to find one?
  2. there's NO buying/selling/trading here at all, we will ban for this!
  3. I dont think the python totes are ever sold for $3000. I bought the white with python CC tote for just over £800. :shrugs:
  4. Ouch...I don't think so. They as well as beige were discontinued a while back because it was a seasonal color. I think all that's available that I've seen are black with black patent CC, black with white CC, white with black CC, and brown with brown patent CC.
  5. hey vicky! in the US, the beige and pink were discontinued and put on sale last summer, they will be very difficult to track down. However I heard that Canada never had them on sale so you might try searching the Canadian boutiques.

    I'm not sure about the UK though. Good luck in your search!!
  6. :wtf: That's the only color that I want. On sale??? No no....I hope it shouldn't be bags. I saw some shoes in pink and beige cambon on sale but no any cambon bags.
  7. yep, all on SUPER DUPER sale last year:yes: