Is it still possible for me to get a black First?

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  1. Hi gals! I'm still a Balenciaga newbie and hoping to get my first Balenciaga bag cos I really really love the look of the First and the City.

    Can I just confirm that the Classique is the same as the First, and is it possible for me to get a black First bag anywhere now?? Would also greatly appreciate if anyone can tell me the price of a First in the US and in Paris currently. TIA!!!:p
  2. Hi there, the black First is a Balenciaga staple and available every season and usually available in any store selling Balenciaga. I live in the UK, so not sure how much it is in the US i think $995.
  3. Yes they are the same. Black bbags are produced every season and you can get one from any place thats stocks bbags really I would call Bal NY.
  4. Thank you so much for the info ladies! I really really like the First and I think it's a great size! Do you know if it's cheaper in the US or Paris (after tax refund)? Thanks so much :heart:
  5. One member said the city is 790E after the refund. With the first being cheaper by about $200, I'm assuming it'll be the same as well?
  6. Whoo hooo thanks apple! I really wanna get one now! Hopefully can find one in Paris..