Is it still ok to use the black vinyl coco cabas?

  1. I bought this last december....I am just wondering will I look 'weird' or 'out of date' using this bag? What do you think? Any opinions?
  2. I still use my leather baby cabas, I don't think your bag is out of date, especially when patent is so hot for the fall season. Enjoy. Plus there are numerous pics of Cameron Diaz carrying hers everywhere!
  3. It better not be out of date being I just bought the vinyl Rock flap! Haha.
  4. I still use mine, and I think I'm okay.
  5. this is me last week with it.

  6. sheanabelle, you look gorgeous!
  7. You look great!!! I have the same bag, and still use mine. It's still really popular, just check out the prices they are going for on eBay.
  8. So cute!!!:yes:
  9. Of course it's ok to use it!!! I use it ALL THE TIME. CONSTANTLY get compliments about it. Since it's a completely sold out item, no one else can get their hands on one now!!
    SO CUTE on ya!
  10. I use my leather one all the time.
  11. I consider mine a 4 season bag. Keep using it!
  12. I love the cabas, I still use my baby cabas almost over day.
  13. thanks lemon!! :supacool:
  14. Sheanabelle-you look absolutely fab in it! If you look that great, it can't possibly be out of style! I say go for it, and its totally in season. If I saw someone carry it I'd still gush over it.