Is it still hard to find the black caviar mini flap with ghw?

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  1. Anybody know any locations where you don't have to be put on the wait list for a mini flap? Any locations that have stock coming in often? I'm just curious. My SA said they are sold out... I can't believe Chanel bags are hard to get. We're paying a high price, we should be able to buy them right away rather than go on wait lists! I am on a ban right now, but I was just wondering if there are any wait lists on mini flaps.
  2. I do not think It's hard to find. That was because of the wrong season along with the big holidays we just passed by.
  3. Okay thanks. So you're saying it's probably all sold out because of the holidays like Christmas which is not long ago?
  4. I just bought a black caviar mini GHW in October '09. I think they are rare, but not impossible to find. Just keep an eye out.
  5. yes.
    Try Penny at Hirs, she may be able to get you one.