Is it still a good choice to buy a Dior Soft bag (older model)?

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  1. Hi,
    I'm thinking to buy a Dior Soft bag (waiting for authentication). It's an old model as in this pic I'm not sure what year it is from but I know it has been quite some time and has already been discontinued. Do you guys think it is still a good option to buy? Should I spend my money on other newer models? Considering the price at around $800 with a very good condition, is it a good offer?

    I hesitate because it's quite an old one and I think its design is close to Lady Dior. Please share what you guys think!!

    Thank you so much!
  2. I think if you like the bag it doesn't matter how old it is. Probably more pertinent is whether you feel it looks too much like Lady Dior? I like Dior Soft, but I prefer it in the form of the shopping tote with the chain straps. I also have a Granville tote which I bought for the crossbody design. It comes down to what you personally prefer.
  3. It's a good option if you really like the design. Otherwise, if you like the style of the Lady Dior more, then I suggest saving the money and putting it towards a Lady Dior instead.