Is it spring yet?!

  1. Went shopping yesterday at the outlets. It's cold but the sun was out and needed to get out for a bit. Wasn't looking for anything but this bag and wallet and card/ID case came home with me. Just love looking at the colors! Cheers to spring....whenever it gets here! :smile:
  2. Wellesley bag in porcelain... wellesley zip around wallet in ballet slip and card/ID case in same ballet slip.
  3. Beautiful bag! I love the shape! And the pink on your SLGs is gorgeous! Surely the pretty pastels will make spring show up sooner! Congrats on your finds!
  4. Thanks! I they'll be fun for spring!
  5. Very nice! I'm ready to carry spring bags too!
  6. that pink color is tdf!! you're totally making me want to take a trip to the outlets but i know i shouldn't!
  7. Thanks! I'm kind of over winter!
  8. I shouldn't have either. I was actually thinking I'd get something at the Coach outlet but I didn't like anything. I went into Kate..... and there was a lot of cute things!
  9. Really cute! I love the shape of that bag but haven't decided if I feel it's too bulky to carry for me. Nice choices for spring!
  10. Thank you! I know what you mean about the bag. I am 100% sure I'm keeping wallet/card case....jury still out on bag.
  11. I have the same wallet and bag in the same colours! Love the pink especially, thinking of getting a spare wallet before this colour gets sold out for good.
  12. Love the color!
  13. I love the color of the bag and accessories! What a lovely way to spend the day.
  14. I think so too..the colors make me happy!
  15. I have the same bag in navy and I wasn't sure about the bulkiness either. I have been carrying it for about 3 weeks now and I love it! I took off the crossbody strap, I think that's where it could look bulky. Handheld it is adorable, and not heavy at all. I've gotten a few compliments from strangers about how cute it is. The only minor complaint I have is you have to be careful when reaching in because of the zippers.