Is it soda or pop or .....

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  1. Just wondering what carbonated beverage is called where you live. I'm from Seattle and growing up we called it pop and when I moved to Cali. when I said pop everyone looked at me like huh? So now I'm used to saying soda. We have such a diverse forum and a lot of international members. I'd like to know what everyone calls it in your neck of the woods:biggrin:
  2. hehe! I've never heard it called "pop" by anyone but midwesterners. My friends and I have always called it soda.
  3. It's called Pop in Michigan
  4. Soda!
  5. In Phoenix, I hear pop a lot which I've never said before. In VA/NC, we always said Coke for everything. If not Coke, we just said Sprite, never pop or soda pop. We used to say soda too.
  6. soda. coke also has become the accepted generic term much like "scotch tape".
  7. I love regional slang.

    The minute I said HELLA shu from the forum was like oooo, the NorCal girl comes out!
  8. soda
  9. soda
  10. soda
  11. I notice a lot of ppl just say "coke" even if they're not getting Coke! Pop is mostly used here, though.
  12. soda!
  13. pop up here in Calgary, though i've heard soda pop before
  14. hmmm pop in canada huh.. maybe we called it pop in seattle because we're close to canada. I dunno
  15. Soda here.