Is it silly to use a Mini lin Diaper Bag as an everyday tote?


Would anyone use the brown Mini Lin Diaper bag as a handbag?

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  2. No

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  1. Hello, guys... I checked out the LV catalogue today and noticed the beautiful Mini Lin Diaper bags in pink and blue... :heart: I am almost 20, I love pastel colours, my style is a bit "europreppy" - I love polo shirts, ballet flats, V-necks etc. I don't have a child. I don't usually do monogram. But I love big bags and I don't have a pink bag and when I saw the LV diaper.... it was just :drool: :drool: :drool: at first sight! THEY ARE SO DAMN CUTE! But, Am I going to look really stupid and Paris - Hilton-ish if I carry it around to maybe work or just shopping? Without a child by my side? I was looking to buy a fun light-coloured summer bag anyway but is it silly to spend this much on a "baby bag"? Please, what do you think?
  2. personally I think it looks like a baby bag maybe ths is because it has had bottles in the sides and it may look different without the but it has a change mat attached so isn't it going to look a little odd when you open it, I don't really know I haven't seen it in real life.

    how about the saumur in dune mini lin?
  3. Why not? Use the bottle holders for water bottles, cell phone...
    If you like it, go for it.
  4. I totally agree. I was thinking about getting this bag and using it as a school bag. I think it would work out just fine and would be so stylish.
  5. I think the ebene is passable, but the blue and pink are definitely diaper bag-ey.
  6. who the heck would know it was a 'diaper bag'
    it just a louis bag that is at great proportions!
  7. I would go for it!
  8. I've seen it IRL and I think ya can do it. One of the male SA's wanted to purchase one in the ebony color. There are so many compartments. Because the bottle holders don't have the typical elastic bands, it simply looks like extra pockets.
  9. I noticed someone said that their SA told them the only 2 people who had bought the mini lin diaper bags in ebene were men to use as messenger bags. So obviously it is VERY versatile. I think that'd be a GREAT idea!
    If you're not toting a baby, no one would even think diaper bag! lol
  10. I would get it. Since the color is neutral (as long as you don't pick blue or pink) it really is versatile. Plus, as others said, you could use the side pockets for whatever you like. I think it's cute and would work for anything. I've been gaga over this bag for a while but only thing that's holding me back is DH said I have to wait till I'm pregnant. lol.
  11. I don't think so. I saw it IRL and didn't notice at first that it was the diaper bag.
  12. The bag is super cute -- even the "baby" pink and blue. Definitely go for it!
  13. I like it, go for it:yes:
  14. I also love the colore baby Pink and Baby Blue but it is a diaper bag so I couldn't go with it.

    Anyway, love the colore very much and hope they will produce those lovely color for other styles of mini lin line.
  15. I think you should go for it!