Is it silly to purchase an indigo Bolide if I already have a black Bolide?

  1. I have been thinking about this for such a long time. I wear black almost everyday and I do love the black/indigo combinations...very french (I think?).
    Is it redundant to buy indigo when I have black? I'm not sure if it's worth the money...$5500. before the price increase.
    Also, my black Bolide is box with gold hw and the indigo Bolide is fjord with palladium hw.
  2. nope! It's such a bright beautiful blu, I say go for it!
  3. sweetie, my philosophy with hermes has always been "buy what you love..." if that's your style (bolide that is) then go for it! personally i think the blue will be a great alternative to the black. perfect for those days when you just want to turn it up a notch or simply in the mood for a more colorful accessory.
  4. If this is your 2nd Birkin, I would suggest that you consider a completely different color with Palladium. Don't buy it just because the prices are going up. Just my thoughts...
  5. ^ I'm with hermes_lemming here. - buy what you love!! Besides, the fjord leather and the palladium HW would really give your bolide a much different feel/character as opposed to the black box gold HW. The fjord is also such a workhorse worry-free leather. So should go for it!!:yes:
  6. I agree with Desiree! :yes:

    I've seen Bolides in box, clemence & fjord IRL - they look & feel very different!
  7. I don't think it's silly at all. If you like it and have the means of paying for, then definitely get it. There's no rules as to how many bags or colors of bags you're supposed to get.

    Then again ... I'm the kind of person who would get double and triples of an identical bag if I can help it ...
  8. I don't think it is silly if that is the bag you have fallen in love with, I would have every bag in gold if I could, but different leathers perhaps. At first when I read your title I thought they might be too similar, but the Fjord leather is so grainy and matte plus the different hardware, compared to black box, it would be a complete contrast. I think it would make a great additional bag and give you great versatility in outfit/accessory choices.
  9. I had the indigo and miss it I admit!! It was a beautiful shade...and where you have black box...that's a totally different feel/look/use for the leather IMO!! (hey I can justify almost anything lol!)....I do love navy and black together myself...tres chic! Go for it...
  10. They really are different bags -- and you'll find that you'll love the variety. Go get that indigo before the price increase!! :yahoo:
  11. ^ Ditto!

    GET IT GET IT GET IT! It's lovely and you have less than a few days to make that run!
  12. box is so different from fjord. i'd go for owning both, the leathers lend themselves to the bag's individuality.
  13. know what you are saying but i would go for it ... i am looking into buying a indigo something at the moment !
  14. How did I miss this thread?

    I really think they are love the could get a color you desire with different textured leather and hw...I say smart move.

    Maybe liquidate some bags that are not your favorite once you purchase this one.
  15. I think it is very smart to buy what you love and what works for you... It sounds like the indigo would be a lovely and practical choice for you!