Is it silly to just "collect" accessories

  1. I know this is a silly ? but I keep buying bbag accessories and rarely use them. I think I prefer the hunt / find better then the actual ownership of these items. I have a conrnflower coin purse I never use anymore. Think I'll regret selling it or should I just hold onto it?:confused1:
  2. hold onto it - you will use it one day!
  3. There is nothing wrong! That's why I do, I collect them , and hardly use them!
  4. well, I can answer this both ways:p

    I'll should hold onto it. It will come in handy. don't you need something to hold the doo-dads in your purse?:yes:
  5. I must admit i'm a bit like that!! I hunted down a yummy yellow compagnon today but not sure if i'll use it i just loved the idea of it!!! I think if you dont love it, dont keep it and buy something you will love!:heart:

  6. OMG I can relate! I had several makeup bags, coin purses, shoe bags, and Boobies galore. Where were they? Sitting in the dustbags/boxes in my closet! I used one makeup bag, thats it.

    I sold most of it all over the past month. All thats left are my fave Boobies (magenta, turquoise, indigo and chocolate) and they will be going too as soon as I have time to list them.

    All I will have left are my Cafe City and Black Day. Thats it.

    I think I'm kinda over Balenciaga for a while. I need to take a break and carry something else for a change. So, I spent some $ at Louis Vuitton today. It felt good to buy something different! I even passed up the Marine Day and Mqarine City at NM today, both which I have been wanting....
  7. I know what you mean but if you have a couple of accessories you can switch off. I think they are so adorable. What do you consider overboard? How many accessories do you have?
  8. Well, as someone was has about 200 art deco watches I can say that the hunt is often as much fun as ownership. I was buying Gucci for awhile and I sold those for Balenciagas. As much as I love my BBags, I can see myself moving on to something else.
  9. I definately think the hunt is part of the fun. But when it is something so pricey, sometimes you have to be realistic. I buy clothes all the time and return them. I realize that after I have them a while, I don't really use them or they don't work with my lifestyle so I return them. It is key to shop in places with liberal return policies. Unfortunately, many of the stores that sell B-bags (or eBay) don't take returns. So unless you want to sell things on eBay, you should try to be sure before you buy.
  10. Not silly at all. I have a collectors mentality. If I fall in love with something, I tend to become a collector. With Balenciaga, I want so many different colors that it doesn't make sense to get bags in all of the colors I want. So, collecting accessories makes more sense. It is easy to find uses for coin purses, and if you love the color - don't get rid of it.
  11. I love Balenciaga accessories too, hold on to it don't sell it!!
  12. I can defiitely relate! Keep your B-accessories!!
  13. No. There are people in this world that collect: spoons, stamps, coins, and match books. Collecting Balenciaga accessories is not silly!!!!
  14. I think it is fine, not silly at all. I'm actually thinking about starting a collection, too. Esp. because I can't afford all the lovely colors that I want in the big sizes on a student's budget, I was thinking the accessories can give you a little "piece" of the color you crave! Hmm. Now I wonder if I'm being silly :biggrin:
  15. ^^^That's how I look at it too spiral!!!!!!!!!!