Is it silly to hoard bags you don't use?

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  1. If you don't love them anymore, I would look into selling or passing on to a friend. I believe that all handbags in your collection should be special for you and make your heart sing. Otherwise, if you don't really feel anything for them or you don't use them, what is the point of having it?
  2. I think it comes down to return (what you can get back) and are you not using it because of a phase. For me, for example, I am in a young child stay at home mom situation and many of my bags are unused because I’m not working, but I know this is temporary , and wouldn’t want to rebuy bags later because my situation changed.
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  3. And guys ;)
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  4. You know how James Charles calls all his followers “Sisters?” That’s my intention when I say girls. Maybe I will affectionately refer to all my TPF friends as “sisters” from now on?? I know there are men from all walks here as well - thank you for being here!

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  5. I have the same problem and it stems from the combination of being a sahm and having multiple homes. I see majority of my bags every 6 months since it's not practical to go back and forth all the time. I noticed I use most of my LVs more though than any other brand and contemplating on selling a lot of my Chanels since I bought most of them on a whim and have never used them (esp my GST).
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  6. Helping as in recycling!

    Yes, you read my mind!!!
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  7. I have bags with extreme sentimental value that I don’t wear often but cannot bear to part with. I also found a lovely ostrich evening bag and I rarely if ever use. I love that little bag, I wouldn’t sell it.
  8. I hold on to my bags and look at them as artworks. The Chanel classic keeps going up, so I am glad I am keeping them
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  9. I find it a joy to take out a Chanel or Gucci bag I haven’t worn in 6 + years, feels like I have a new bag without spending another penny!
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  10. I try to rotate my bags pretty often. I use my LV bags often enough that I can justify keeping them. I do kind of tend to use some bags more seasonally than I use my Damier Azur bags more in spring/summer, and the Damier Ebene more in the fall/winter. Two bags that I don't use as much have sentimental meaning to me as they were gifts on special occasions from my husband, so for that reason alone I can not bear to part with them. A couple of other bags are used mostly only for travel, so I don't worry if they don't get used much when I'm not traveling.

    I have noticed that over the past several years that I've been accumulating LV bags, most of my other bags (I don't have that many non LV bags, honestly) from other designers just sit in my closet unused. I have thought about selling or giving away some of those, but not any of my LV bags.
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  11. Definitely! I loved my handbags before kids and since kids I haven’t used them. Now that they’re older and they can carry their own things and are more independent, I can use my lovely speedies that have been in the closet for years!!!
  12. True. I have not used my DE Speedy B for a long time since i got MWT black leather handle speedy B (hot stamped with my initials). Also my empreinte speedy B (hot stamped). However, i love them too much. I have few of Gucci that i don't mind selling like my python hobo etc. but every time i try to sell it, i get discouraged for how little it is worth. I don't want to get rid of my purses for a couple of hundred dollars. so i am doing this back and forth....
  13. When I got the mono PA I was so happy but after picking it up... knew that I was not going to use it. I ended up returning it :sad:

    Sometimes I catch myself checking if it's in stock to repurchase and have to remind myself why I returned it !
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