Is it silly to hoard bags you don't use?

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  1. If you really don't use those 2 bags and won't miss them, I would see how much you can get for them, if worth it to you then sell, that way you have money to put toward the new backpack you want. If you aren't going to get much, I think better to just keep and try using them some, maybe as bang around bags for doing errands or travel.
  2. There's another thread on this entitled "Anyone downsizing their collection?" with a plethora of responses.
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  3. I have been trying to simplify my life and declutter and got rid of most of my handbags in the past few years. I have given away some, consigned and sold the rest. The bags I let go I really don’t miss. I have had slight regrets in getting rid of my Perforated speedy but a relative has it now and when I saw it last I realized again it was just too small for my needs.

    When one gets rid of what they don’t use or need the items they have can actually be used. Nothing wrong with those who have dozens and dozens of bags but if a bag is used 1-2 times a year through the years was that bag worth the money spent? My one relative has so many designer bags she literally forgets what she owns. She still uses 2-3 of her favorite bags and the rest sit unused, some for years. Also I have seen storage damage with on some leather bags by sitting in their dust bags for years even though they are in a air conditioned room.

    But if one bag or 50 bags make a person happy that is all that matters.
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  4. I hear you loud and clear on this topic. It’s a struggle I have. Purchasing luxury items in my case has become some sort of an addiction. Since I have begun buy LV I may go two months without buying a single item, but that’s the longest I’ve been able to go. I’ve sold a lot of it and my collection is rather small in comparison to others.

    I walked into my “she cave” and realized that in 21 months, I’ve spent 10,000 liquid on LV items. Seeing that money “money” all on one shelf on “handbags” was a wake up call for me. At the end of the day I can’t wear them all at once. I decided to shrink it down based on functionality and my current lifestyle (aka stay at home mom who lives in a small town).

    The thing is that I can justify spending our money on anything because we have great discretionary income, yet is that enough of a reason to just go out and buy everything I want?

    I think selling what you’re not using is a great way to not become complacent. What I mean is to truly appreciate the things to already own, and any new additions you bring home. For me it’s about feeling good while using something, not while staring at it as I walk by. Also for me knowing I can have something is enough sometimes to let it go.
  5. Some of my bags were purchased for a specifc purpose and don’t get used all the time but I still love them.

    My powder pink Lady Dior lambskin clutch is an example; It’s not an everyday bag foe me but I will wear it on dressier summer occasions. That doesn’t feel like a waste; that’s why i bought it. I love the leather, the shape and size, the beautiful chain...even if I carry it less than 10 times all season i still take great pleasure in it. It feels like a special bag to me.

    My NF and Speedy are daily workhorses so I expect them to get used a lot more and they do.

    I think it’s more a question of whether you still love the bag than how often you wear it.:smile:
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  6. If i only used a bag or bags every couple of months I wouldn't sell, but 3 years? I'd try carrying again and see if you fall in love with it again( that's happened to me after giving another chance) and if no I would definitely sell to fund something else. I can't afford to buy everything I want so it's one in, one out rule for me..
  7. The Favorite MM is such a great looking bag and I've had no luck getting hold of one. While you mention it's small, it does make it possible to fit inside a larger bag as a pouch.
  8. TBH, yes, but that hasn’t stopped me. I have a pristine St. Jacque that I bring out to admire a couple of times a year and back it goes into the dust bag!
  9. I have this same problem and recently sold 2 bags I haven’t touched in years. I debated back and forth because it’s not about the money. Since I sold them I don’t have any regrets. They are going to a home where they will be used and appreciated more. I still keep some bags that I don’t use bc they were gifts from my husband and hold sentimental value.
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  10. I think if you really aren’t going to use them, they are limited edition, rare, or hold sedimental value, I would sell them to fund something else. There are so many nice bags out there that you can get with that money and make you happy and give you more use. No point in hoarding them. Give them a new home, help the environment and also help fund something new for yourself that you will use.
  11. I have a cabas mezzo I purchased after I found I was pregnant with my first. I havent used it in 3 years but I hold some sentimental value over it. I thought about selling it but the Yoogis quote was so low I just decided to keep it. I would just trust your gut and if it was out of your life and you wouldn’t miss it, then sell it. I keep going back and forth about the cabas so I know I still want it in my collection.
  12. How does it “help the environment”?
  13. I would sell them because I hate clutter. So if I haven't used something in a really long time, I get rid of it unless the item has deep personal meaning for me.
  14. I say sell them! But you have to do what feels right for you. I have sold several bags in the last year and do not think I regret one - except a Chanel I feel I sold for way too low. Now, I always have in my mind what my bottom line would be on each bag and if I do not get that number I will keep it (knowing that for what you net on resale you can never repurchase it close to what you sell it for).
  15. Bumbles probably meant that by selling bags this would help the environment because it would be like recycling, and using less animal products.
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