Is it silly to have names for your bags?

  1. :p I like call my bags by name... usually the style name unless its something such as "pochette acessories." So I would say to my sig. other... "hey should I carry speedy today or wapity?" Am I the only one that does this?

    Also... I recently got a cles. I know the correct way to pronounce it is "clay" but "cles" pronounced the american way sounds cuter to me although it IS the incorrect way to say it. So should I call it "clay" or "cles"? :shame:
  2. haha, what is the american way to say it? C-LEH-S? sorry many years of learning french has conditioned me to see "cles" as only "clay" so i'd be curious as to other pronunciations...
  3. I call them by their name, and I would not know what else to call them if not by their name, lol.
  4. I say "cles" so the it rhymes with "mess"
  5. yes I do and sometimes I pet them while no one is watching:roflmfao:
  6. its not silly at all. my pochette is named Chester (i love chester!) lol!
  7. I :heart: D'Yquem!
  8. Hahaha!!!! ME too!!! :nuts:
  9. Nope, not at all! I have a few names for my things:

    Myzel the Damier Pocket Agenda
    Nick the Panda Cles
    Rebecca the Obsession Sunglasses
    Jeff the Monogram Canvas Etui Widescreen iPod Case
  10. I call my speedy "speedy" and sometimes "my 4th child".
  11. my mono speedy is "Lou" and my bucket and wapity I call by their names. my damier speedy is "dammy" and she is my mono speedy's sensible older sister!
  12. i refer to all my bags as her or she. and by their styles. except for my white cherry blossom pap, which i call "moby" because she's my white whale!
  13. i call them by their names. their god given louis names. unless they are mini pochette. then i call her mini. hee hhee.
  14. My mono speedy is "louie" too!

    I usually name all my "possessions"...its kind of like an endearment thing, I think!!
  15. I call my multicolor speedy "34" because I bought her to celebrate my 34th birthday....