Is it silly to have a Cabas Piano and Mezzo?

  1. I just purchased a Cabas Piano from let-trade and I absolutely love it! Now they have a Mezzo that apprears to be in mint condition and I'm debating about pressing buy now again! Is that silly? Should I be looking at something else? I have a toddler and really need a zipper or something to close the bag. She's a bit of a pickpocket sometimes. :p The piano is just the right size for a quick trip out or to dinner for us, but some extra room is helpful sometimes. Or should I just wait and save some more money and buy a new one? Would love to hear your opinions. I keep going back and forth. Thanks!
  2. No, not at all!!!!! I think you should buy a Mezzo as well!!! You won't regret it!!! ;)
  3. Nope..they're 2 different sizes and can serve different purposes :yes:
  4. No! It's still stunning :yes: just post us your pic with your new cabas once you get it ;)
  5. No, go ahead and buy it. Cabaz Piano is cute!!
  6. That Mezzo is great! If I didn't already have one (also from Let-Trade), I would get it!
    I have a Piano too (from eBay). I agonized forever over which one to get and ended up getting both. They are pretty much the only mono bags I love. I could never have gotten them both new. Hooray for L-T and eBay!
    Mine are both in great shape with nice patinas.
    Do it!
  7. Here's a pic of mine if you need comparison help:
  8. I would say yes
    they are too similar
    is like having a keepall 45 and a 50
    wait a bit and I am sure you'll get something different and still nice and mint from let-trade
  9. Thanks for the picture! That helps a lot.
  10. Go ahead and get both. It's like you said, they'll serve different purposes!!!
  11. Oh good! Glad to help. I have totally been in that boat!!
    Here are more:


  12. I would own bolth.
  13. The sizes are so diff. if you like the style it makes sense to have both.
  14. Absolutely NOT...I have both and it gives me options for different days. I say go for it! You'll love it.

    Its kinda like people having 2 speedies in a 25 and 35.
  15. sometimes you need the extra room :smile: