Is it silly to have a Blue Jean Kelly but to get a Blue Jean Birkin?

  1. I don't know.:sweatdrop:
  2. Silly no, but if I were you I would probably find something else I could equally enjoy. Why would you want two of the same color? There is so much to love and enjoy in H. After a few bags, if you still feel the same then come back and pick that second BJ up.
  3. I'm certainly not one to ask. I have a BJ Kelly, and am on the list for a BJ birkin. I think that I'll wear them with different things. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!
  4. Oh Gosh!
  5. they are such different bags that you could wear them with different things :yes: i personally wouldn't want a birkin and kelly in the same color but wouldn't rule out an indigo kelly and a BB birkin (different shades of blue). you should check out the blue jean vs thalassa blue thread that we had earlier.

    there is one member (?love that thing?) who has several BJ bags though...bottom line, it's your money, spend it as your heart desires :heart:
  6. For me, it would have to depend on the size of your Hermes collection (what it is and what you want it to be or are financially able to make it into.) If you can only have a few bags, I wouldn't. But if you are planning to collect quite a few, sure....go ahead!!! BJ is gorgeous!
  7. I just LOOOOVE the blue jean Birk. I always wanted my first Birkin to be blue jean. Currently, I have white clemence, etoupe, black, and the BJ kelly.
  8. I love Noisette - I have a Noisette Birkin, Kelly and Trim. Buy what you love and you won't go wrong.
  9. Not to sound ignorant but what is Noisette?
  10. I know I'll never use my Kelly if I do this dangerous purchase so that's just a waste of money. I should just not think about it anymore. NOT.
  11. noisette is a brown color, maybe caramel-ish?

    well, if you get the BJ birkin you could always sell the bj kelly! just a thought. or keep them both. or get another blue.
  12. Why am I sweating? LOL
  13. I considered that an option b/c I've never even used my Kelly. Unbelievable right? I was going to bust it out for the warm weather but I've been using my white Birkin.
  14. If you have other bags in other colors and really love BJ, why not?

    I LOVE rouge H and at one point in time, I probably had almost all the Hermes bags (kelly, birkin, market, trim, plume, croc, wallets) in the same color! :wtf:

    I've held back a bit and when I "recalibrated" my bag collection a few years ago, a let a few of the rouge H go :sad:. I still kept a few rouge h and currently have 3 rouge H birkins (different leathers though - heh!) and a couple of wallets that I decided to keep.

    Follow your heart.... :yes:
  15. Heartbirks, I have a gold Kelly, a gold Picotin and I'm hoping and waiting for a gold Birkin. It's my favourite colour but the three bags will all be in different leathers, my Kelly is vache liegee leather and my Picotin is clemence, gold in these leathers look like a different colour - is it the same for blue jean? Either way, BJ is your favourite then go for it. By the way, I also have a Bolide in noisette, it is the most beautiful colour, she's new so I'm happy to have a chance to show her off again, LOL:

    I've also added a pic of my Picotin and Kelly to show you how gold varies between the leathers - it's MY excuse for buying the same ol' colour everytime:
    bolide1.jpg bolide3.jpg picotin.jpg vlgoldkelly.jpg