Is it silly to get the same bag in different colours??

  1. On one of the other threads sarajane mentions doing this and regreting it. I'm seriously considering getting another messenger bag for my Birthday in June and am contemplating an oak Antony ( already have a choco one) or maybe a choco joel. Any advice guys?????????????? or possibly somerset satchel???:rolleyes:
  2. I think really its down to you is it not , if you like something and want to buy another in another colour then its your choice really !!

    If you are on to something good , don`t knock it !!!

  3. OOoo,hello,missed you these last couple of days!!xxx

    But yes Jo,sorry!! If you have already backed a winner then why not go for another color? You know it works already,from what I've heard the are'nt madly expensive in the outlets so why not!!!!:tup:
  4. yes- that's what i was thinking. Could get the oak Antony - just make sure I don't wear it with jeans (which is a shame 'cos oak colour looks great with denim!!!) in case of colour transfer - then i've got the 2 antony's to rotate. Will ponder some more- I've got 6 months to make up my mind!!
  5. If you find a style that works for you in all aspects and it would be rotated with your wardrobe and or seasons then why not have it in more than one colour.

  6. I've worn my Elgin with jeans and its ok,but my jeans are so old that I think its the last trace of color holding them together!!! Seriously though its never happened to me,I did'nt realise it could!OOops!!!:push:

  7. I never thought about it until my jeans rubbed off on my new orla kiely bag last summer. Now I'm paranoid! the jeans weren't new and had been washed dozens of times. maybe the collonil helps protect against colour transfer too???
  8. I've seen alot of posts about colour transfer from jeans regarding many brands. I would love to know if it came down to one or two brands of jean/denim.
  9. Mine were Gap jeans in the darker denim if that helps!!!!
  10. I wonder if the problem only occurs with the dark denim???? Anyone??
  11. I prefer smaller bags, ones that sit under my arm so I've never had any problems with colour transfer.
  12. Nope I`ve done it as well with an Alverio Martini bag , mine were Diesel jeans !
  13. Yep, it appears to only happen with dark, overdyed denim. Not the regular faded denim. Sadly, I don't really wear faded denim anymore hence some lovely stains on the back of my coffee Joni and a small stain on the back of my oak Emmy :sad:

    To keep on topic - I bought a second Araline and then returned it as I didn't love the colour.

    However, I *might* have just ordered a second Joni (in forest green) from York for a bargainmongous price.....
  14. :tup:I think it makes perfect sense to have a bag you really love in more than one colour...but then I would say that as I have (gulp:shame:smile: five of the same style bag in different colours and one more on the way as an Xmas gift to myself. None of them get pushed to the back of the wardrobe (except the ivory colour one during the winter months) and I get great joy from rotating them to compliment the outfit I'm wearing ( yes, very sad I know...but that's a true bag obsessive for you:lol:!).

    To compensate for the shedloads of money I've spent on this little family of bags,I've been selling off all my other waifs and strays that haven't seen much action since I fell in deep love with this particular style:heart: ( no names mentioned as the bag in question is actually a Chloe and not a Mulberry).

    At one time though I had three different Jonis (Hibiscus,Claret and Forest Green), two Annies (Black and Ginger) and two Emmys (Chalk and Chocolate), so I thought that qualified me to post in the Mulberry club;)...and I'm also still hanging on to my Chocolate Elgin,Hibiscus Joni and Ginger Annie (although sadly:crybaby: she may be on her way out soon to raise funds for another purchase).
  15. I think it all depends on your budget. I would love the different leathers and color in E/W Bayswater but could only justify 2 - I both have the black and indigo.

    I know the E/W Bayswater works for me and the style will last more than just a season, I think it will become a classic, so I got the indigo since I was very happy with the black.

    So far I have had no problems with color transfers. If you can afford to get a style that works for you in different colors/leather, I would say go for it. Of course our DH would not understand it but we the experts, do! LOL