Is it silly to get rid of one speedy to buy another?

  1. I have a vintage MC speedy and made the mistake of having an alterations place replace my zipper. Needless to say, the hack job is obvious and LV won't touch it. I'm thinking of selling it (should I eBay it? UGH! or consign it?) to get a brand new one, either MC or Damier. Is this silly? Should I just get over my bag and keep it, or replace it?
  2. Oh gosh, so sorry to hear about that....
    too bad you didn't have LV do the repair, but now the damage is done, if I were you, I would definitely get rid of it, on eBay or thru a consignment shop...especially if it is in order to get another LV. If its a sentimental item to you, that's probably a different story, but hopefully you are able to finally get the bag you really want!
  3. if you no longer like how it looks or the zipper does not function properly, then you should probably just sell it and get a new one ... good luck!
  4. I would definitely sell! If you no longer love it. What's the point? Get yourself a new one!
  5. first, i am sorry to hear that. second, if you arent going to be able to want to use it, i say get a new one.
  6. Definately not silly if you no longer like your bag. It'd be nicer to have a bag you absolutely love.
  7. I can imagine how frustrating that is... guess you at least learned for sure to only get repairs from LV, though, eh? I'd get rid of the purse and buy something new.
  8. Sell it if you don't love it anymore. I'd be the same way...I couldn't live with it.
  9. Sorry to hear about the bad repair. I'd try to sell--since the zipper was replaced, I think you would fare better through consignment than having all kinds of crazy questions from eBay. Get what you like!
  10. Its, not silly at all... its so met hing I would do also.
  11. No, you're not silly at all....I did the exact same thing... i had a white mc speedy that had this dark color transfer stain on the back of the speedy (from my dark clothes/ jeans), the handles also turned to a ugly light-medium patina, therefore i couldnt stand it anymore and so i sold it ...(i also had a black mc speedy that i didnt find myself using too much so i also sold that).... but for a couple of months i was missing it soooo much , too much, so i ran to louis to buy myself a spanking new white mc speedy, and i'm so happy i did so~~~ Good luck~~ =)
  12. sorry to hear that..........

    I don't think it's silly. I'd probably do the same thing............
  13. I agree with every single person oh here...If you're not happy and won't be happy using it, whats the purpose of owning it? Rid of it and treat yourself to a new one!!!
  14. Sorry to hear about your MC speedy. I think you should buy a fresh one cause you love it so much. I own the white one & just love it to death so I wouldn't be able to put up with the "hack job" either.
  15. By all means get a new Speedy; however, please don't sell your present one, unless you're prepared to disclose the hack job on the zipper. It's just not fair to the buyer, KWIM?