Is it silly for me to take both my Work and City on a 4 day 4 night trip?

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  1. I'm going on a trip for just a few days and I really really want to take both my city and work. I was thinking at first that I would just take my work and use it as a purse and carry on for the plane. then I realized I couldn't bare to leave my city at home for that long:heart: :heart: ...and now as I'm typing I think i need to take my first too :shame:

    so will I look silly carrying a city and work on the plane? my first may be stuffed inside my work too.:roflmfao:

    how do you decide what bags to take on a trip, I love all mine too much to decide between them
  2. No, not silly at all! I took my City and Weekender to Chicago on a 4 day trip.

    I absolutely was not going to pack them so I put my city IN my weekender and carried them on both ways.
  3. Take them both!!!!!!! Do whatever makes you happy!!!!
  4. jem-i think its totally fine to carry two bbags!! i usually take my work and city down to atlantic city for 2 nights. its nice to have one as a luggage and the other for everyday use on vacation. i think as long as the colors dont clash, you would be fine! what color bbags are you thinking of bringing with you?
  5. lol. You can bet I'll be taking AT LEAST two B-bags with me on my 3-night, 3-day trip to Vegas next month! I'll probably bring my Natural GH Brief (if it arrives from LVR in time), my bordeaux City, and my rose pink First. A girl needs choices, ya know!

    I will probably carry-on all 3 bags, with the First stuffed inside the Brief.
  6. Take them all Jem - just carry them on!!!
  7. I agree!! :yes:

    Take what you want with you! The last trip I went on, I took a few handbags & 2 wristlets with me... ;)
  8. hell no girlll LOL
    i even took my weekender and city when i stayed with bf for 2 nights and fyi, we only live 30 mins apart

    and i also took both bags as carry on to plane.
    i put my we in the compartment adn left my essential in the sit with me :p
  9. Yes...Take them both.. I don't think it will be complicated!!
  10. Not crazy at all! On my last week-long trip I finally decided against taking more than one bag because I decided that I wanted more room to buy stuff on the trip. I ended up being right, I bought so much stuff it isn't even funny. So that is the only thing I would keep in mind when deciding which bag(s) to take. That and if you'll be walking around a lot and if it will be a burden, as well as your feelings as to safety and the possibility of a bag being stolen.

    Have fun on your travels!
  11. When all else fails, take them all!
  12. Take them all, because if you don't you'll keep second guessing yourself. Besides, the Bbag that gets left behind will be terribly lonely without their mommy... ;) :rolleyes:
  13. Isn't it the whole point? To carry as many as possible where feasible??? That's the whole point of travelling! (Although I'd put my City inside the Work for the actual embarking on the plane part of the journey). :supacool:
  14. I once went on a trip. I wore my Courrier across my body as hand luggage and a Purse for a handbag. I think I looked a little over-Balenciaga'ed and won't overdo it again :shame: Next time I'd love to travel with just a Work!
  15. I am on a 2-3 month trip and was at pains as to which bags I should bring, I brought all my bbags (mind you I only have 3, a day, a city and a first), my accessories bbags - oval and coin purse, and then a few others I couldn't bear to be apart from. Well,the bbags are easy because they are so light and versatile, amongst the others one of them I could use rain or shine and another one of them was a recently found HG, but all in all I looked at what I was bringing clothing wise and chose accordingly! I used my first on the plane, and had the others checked which yes scared me somewhat but travelling with a baby I could not take them all with me. No regrets though I feel bad for the 'babies' I left at home! LOL!