Is it safe to wax 'downy' facial hair?!!

  1. I have my uppper lip and eyebrows waxed often, but I want to know is it o.k to have the 'downy' facial hair at the sides of your face waxed? I am quite fair, but the hair in this area is quite obvious when I am wearing make up and I am starting to feel self conscious about it. I dont want it there! I have noticed when I am wearing bronzer it looks fine apart from in that area where it looks really dark. Anyone here have any experiences of having it waxed?! I'm just worried that it might make it grow back more coarse or something. I dont want to bleach it or anything, I want it gone! :biggrin:
  2. I have my entire face waxed monthly. I hate that downy part because my hair is very dark - yuck! Looks like a shadow...or dirt! Just be sure to go someplace really good and have them use beeswax for sensitive skin. I go to Bliss, but the couple times I tried other places I broke out like mad.
  3. Well, everyone is different so, if you wax that hair, it is "supposed" to grow back less and less. However, that is not always the case. I have been waxing my upper lip and eyebrows for years and there has never been any difference in the rate of growth and it has not diminished at all. If you do wax it, you'll have to be dilligent about it because if it does grow back more coarse then it will be even worse. What color is your natural hair? If it's blond then you probably won't have a problem, but if you have dark hair, it's a risk.
  4. Actually, it's a coincidence that you have a pic of Marilyn Monroe in your avatar, because I have a book about her, written by one of the photographers who regularly photographed her and she says that part of the reason that Marilyn photographed so well, was because she had fine, blond, downy hair on her face and it gave her an ethereal, glowy, soft focus look. :yes:

    Personally, I wouldn't risk waxing; it could easily grow back coarser and because you can only wax once the hair reaches a certain length, I imagine you could end up with what looks and feels like stubble, in between treatments! :shocked:

    My advice is to make the most of the fact that your hair is fine and blond and if you are troubled by the darkening effect of bronzer, why not use a pinky-red coloured blush, instead (like Marilyn generally did!) and if you want a tanned look, use a light fake tan (which won't colour the hair). :biggrin:
  5. I can't wax my upper lip! I get spots! I just bleach it..whic doesn't work as good, but what can i do?
    My colouring is not dark, so on the sides of my face, exactly like you the fine hairs are just blond and look a little fuzzy. I want to get rid of them. I did have it waxed wax it once, (don't really get spots there) and i found that there was a drastic difference between the waxed and te nonwaxed areas. You could tell the difference. So the transition wasn't smooth and when i put on blusher the coverage on that area was different that everywere else. That area seemed almost too shiny. Does that makes sense?
  6. I use a razor to shave the fine hairs off. I keep a separate razor especially for this purpose. I do this about every two weeks, and use whatever facial soap I am using at the time as the "shaving cream." It doesn't grow back any coarser, and I've never had any problems with cuts or sensitivity.
  7. Thanks for the advice ladies.

    Chloehandbags-I am quite fair, but the hair at the sides of my face are a more darker blond and it shows up 'dirty' regardless of what blush, foundation or powder I use. I think it looks quite obvious and I have sought the opinions of two beauticians and whilst one said it was fine to wax that area, the other said that downy hair is not meant to be removed and waxing will make it grow back really darker?! :shocked:

    I want rid of it because it makes my make up feel 'grubby' and I would like that area to be 'hair-free' :graucho:

    I dont think I'll try to shave it as I tried that with a few stay hairs on my chin (god, am I the hairiest woman in the world?!!) and it led to big problems with spots and the like.
  8. I have had my upper lip waxed before... it was red right after but it was fine a few hours later and I loved the results. Your upper lip is not as sensitive as underside of your eyebrow really.. so no big deal IMO.

    You could always try, and if you don't like it, just ice and apply some neosporin and it will grow back...

  9. Have you tried using a depilatory cream? Smell horrible (or at least they did, the last time I used one on my legs! :yucky: That was about 10 years ago and they may smell better, now), but they may provide the middle ground between waxing and shaving.

    Also, they hopefully wouldn't cause the stubble of shaving, or the potential darkening and thickening effects of both waxing and shaving.

    Unless anyone else knows different?!

    Also, I've heard of creams that are supposed to thin the hair and reduce the speed of growth - I've never used them, but if they did work, maybe if you combined one of these with bleaching, it would provide the answer?
  10. ^^ Thanks CHB! I didn't even think to use a depilatory cream?! I think it's because I am just so used to waxing/shaving. I think I will check some of them out in boots on tuesday, I am pretty sure that there is some made specifically made for the facial area now too. Thanks again! :flowers:

    I'll post the results in a few days if I decide upon the depilatory cream. xx
  11. I know several people that use depilatory creams on their entire face and it may smell bad but it lasts a while. They also give a nice moisterizer lotion to keep the skin soft. They have had no problems and are quite happy with the outcome.:flowers:
  12. You can try threading too. It is better for your skin.

  13. OUCHHH! :cry:
  14. I use tweezers to pick out the downy hairs. No irritation, as long as I don't try to pluck the skin.
  15. It hurts but I like it. I get my brows done and it is much more precise than waxing and does not pull off a layer of skin.