Is it safe to use these baby wipes on COACH nylon?

  1. So I finally got around to buying a pack of baby wipes for my nylon satchel, but while I was standing there I realized I never asked if scented wipes made a difference. Well, they didnt have any non-scented small packs so I just got these. Should this work?
    wipes 008.jpg
  2. I wouldn't think the scent would affect it. But, I also don't have anything nylon to try wipes on. I do use baby wipes on my white leather on the signature tote & it doesn't harm it.
  3. I've used the Wet Ones before, and I think they are citrus scented, so it should be fine!
  4. ^ Thank you ladies! Time to get to wiping my babies down, lol :shame:
  5. lol wiping yr babies down

    that's funny
  6. ^ lol Well they are called baby wipes and my bags are my only babies at the moment :shame:
  7. yeah i think it should be fine, someone also suggested to me to use it on my hamptons wristlet.
  8. aww, my bags are my ultimate shopping buddies, carry everything, compliment everything, and theres no argument if both wants something lol. my sound system thats this tiny ipod thing by bose, so the size doesnt matter as much is my baby, and of course my pup leander:heart:3
  9. I use diaper wipes on my Prada nylon bags all the time and they still look okay. As for scented or unscented, I don't think it makes a difference. HTH

    I was just looking at the wipes you bought ... try to use the normal wipes with no added lotions (ie. shea butter). I've always used the regular ones so I can't say how those added with lotions will work.
  10. ^ Thanks asl_bebes. I still havent gotten around to wiping my things down. I forgot it had shea butter. I'm a little relunctant to try using them, but I will and tell you all how it turns out. Gotta find out some how!