Is it safe to take Azithromycin during pregnancy?

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  1. I just found out I'm pregnant, and on top of that I've got the flu last week and have been sick this whole week. Went to the OB/GYN yesterday for the first time and she prescribed me Azithromycin and said it's safe to take it. The baby is about 10 weeks, and I've found many websites where this antibiotic is rated category B--no link to birth defects.

    I'm still kind of hesitant to take it, but I really need it. I have bronchitis, sinusitis, and now I woke up with left ear pain and still having low grade fevers. What do you guys think?
  2. I would take the antibiotic. If the doctor says it's safe, take it. I had to take microbid at different times during my pregnancies b/c of all the UTI's that I had.
  3. I was given antiboitics at about 8 wks because of similar sympthoms. I didn't miscarry and everything seems ok so far.
  4. I think this is something you should ask your doctor who is familiar with your medical history not ppl on here who are NOT ob/gyn doctors!
  5. NO WORRY, you can take it safely during your pregnancy if you have no medical history of allergies etc , but if you hesitate, talk with your MD about it, please!
  6. and solid is so right, i would take advice only if it were your doctor that knows yor med history etc!
  7. She DID ask her doctor. If you read her post, thats who prescribed it to her(her ob/gyn). This is an open forum and she has a right to get opinions on just about anything she wants(it doesn't mean she has to folllow the opinions). I think its smart to ask others and research any medicines given by your doctor, sometimes they do make mistakes.
  8. Thanks everybody for responding. I started taking it because otherwise I'll take longer to get better. I asked my doctor many times "are you sure it's safe?" she said yes, plus I have bronchitis, too, which almost turned into pneumonia.
    Today, I feel slightly better, but my ear still bothering me.
    I always try to eat organic food so hopefully that compensates a little with all the meds that I've been taking.
    Thanks, everyone!
  9. I am a pharmacist and azithromycin falls into a pregnancy category B...which means literally that in drug studies the med was not shown to harm an unborn baby...which means it is okay for you to take!!
    I hope that puts you at ease!

  10. And if you read her post she stated that she was still kind of hesitant to take it, and she was asking what members what we think.

    If she's still worried she can always go to another doctor to get a second opinion.

    Did she provide everyone with her medical history NO
    do we know her medical history to say- ooh yes i have taken it while i was pregant and i was fine so you should be too, no we don't . I know ppl are trying to be helpful but something like that has to be taken up with HER doctor.

    If she is worried and comes here to ask what we think and everyone tells her you will be fine she is relying on ppl's OPINION.

    If something goes wrong or her baby is harmed then what will she tell her doctor....i was worried so i went on a purse forum and they told me i would me fine....YEA OK:Push:
  11. Her doctor GAVE her the freakin medicine! If the OP wants to argue with you about it, she can.

  12. this coming from someone who doesnt want to do whats best for their child :upsidedown:

  13. what an awful thing to say...
  14. don't argue, guys! I have no medical history and nothing to worry about but this awful flu symptoms.

    chodessa--I read online about this med being under Category B. Thanks for your info.

    I do want the best for the baby, of course! But now it's up to me to get better so I can take care of him/her, being sick like this does not help.
  15. That's a not so nice thing to say Solid. :tdown:
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