Is it safe to say ostrich as an exotic skin is hardier than Crocodile?

  1. They are both beautiful in their own unique way and I know Crocodile is almost twice in value given its rarity, but from a hardier, less fragile standpoint, is it safe to assume that equally taken care of ostrich can withstand more like accidental rain drops, scratches, etc. I know that ostrich is prone to change color with oils from hands, but on the other hand , if croc gets wet, it can get irreversibly damaged.

  2. Yes Serazo I think Ostrich is hardier than Croc.
    I have a chocolate ostrich birkin which can be taken almost anywhere at any time. Unlike my box bag, I do not have to worry about a bit of rain. The darkening handles are definately a concern for lighter bags and even the handles on my bag have darkened. I don't mind because I want that bag to look well loved!
    Croc is more like box to me. It needs pampering. Crocodiles live in water; you would think that the bag would laugh at rain but it does not.
  3. yes, absolutely, and much easier to refurbish
  4. Good to have confirmed by those who are experienced with the skins. Thanks so much.
  5. ostrich is much more usable......yes we know i am croc fiend but ostrich is fantastic and not reserved for special occasions IMO because it is so hardy!
  6. I think all exotics need special care. I wouldn't say that Ostrich is a hardy skin, because it is not. For example, one can get a stain on ostrich say from food (imagine a spill of wine, or a teeny bit of sauce) but it won't from croc. And I am talking about quick action in wiping off for both cases.

    Both are also not good in the rain.

    Over time, some follicles on ostrich can loosen up and these need to be hammered back down and glued down again by the craftsman.
  7. Can the dark handles on ostrich bags be refurbished at the spa?
  8. From what i have heard, the darkened handles cannot be refurbished, but you can get the handles replaced. I am sure it cost $$$$$$. I am very careful with my Vert anis ostrich due to the color being so light.
  9. Yup, can't be refurbished. Replacement is possible, with costs.