Is it safe to put padlock on front buckle?

  1. I am finding it extremely annoying having to move the padlock and loop everytime I open my bag and to do it carefully and not clunk it about so I thought about attaching the padlock to the front right buckle that attaches the strap to the bag, has anyone else done this? Do you think this would be ok or damage the bag?

    Also, I really want to post pics of my bags but they are too big and I can't make them smaller, does anyone know of anyway that I can do it?

  2. Before using my Paddington I removed the lock and key entirely for safekeeping; so they are both in pristine condition. The bag is lighter in weight, less showy, and I don't have to worry about knocking the lock or key about. But it is still the Paddington to me.
  3. Hi Roseanna,

    I put padlock on the front metal bit that attached the handle to bag. I love the look of this bag because of the key and lock, so I would like it on the bag. I dont think it will damage the bag.
    You can resize your photo in It is quite simple, even I worked it out. Just go onto the website and it will explain to you. Otherwise just message me again, I will help you.
  4. On the display Paddingtons at my local department store, which have only been there a few months but have been handled a lot, I have noticed that the matte gold finish on the padlock and the metal loop it attaches to, has very clearly rubbed off due to friction. So I'm guessing this could happen if you attached the lock to the other hardware too?
  5. The paddlock will wear whereaver it is but this is all part of the worn in look of the bag s.o just go with the flow and try and enjoy it as much as you can
  6. If you struggle with Photobucket, you can also use Photosuite, or Paint. (which comes with most PC's)
    In Paint, it's the 'stretch/skew' option and you can adjust it a little bit at a time.

    Re the padlock - I would think that it might make your bag slightly lop-sided, weight wise, if you put the padlock on the handle loop..? But if it doesn't bother you, then go for it!

    The brass will wear and chip, no matter where you put it, so i wouldn't worry too much about that.;)
  7. I just got my paddy, I cant imagine not using the padlock with it. I dotn think you should stress about chipping. No matter what happens, only you are going to notice it. No one looks at things that closely.